Dualism Essay Topics

Dualism and idealistic monism

In philosophy and more specifically metaphysics, dualism has been defined as the belief that two fundamental and incompatible types of things that make up the universe; idealistic monism argues instead that the universe is made up of just one thing, and that is the realm of ideas or the mind. Hence, if one were to… View Article

Dualism: Mind, Body, and Cognitive Science

This essay examines the interaction between dualism and modern cognitive sciences. Additionally, it examines a modern defendant of dualism, and extrapolates his reasoning further into the 21st-century in interacting with cognitive science developments in the future. Finally, it examines how dualism is already a problem in modern factors such as healthcare, and how it will… View Article

Dualism versus Materialism

This Paper shall tackle the long-term debate between dualism and materialism. It shall first present and define the concept of dualism. Then, it shall present the argument or arguments of the dualists, which shall be rebutted by the argument or argument of the materialists. After these, the concept of materialism shall be defined. Then, arguments… View Article

Dualism and dichotomy in a world of plurality

Dualism posits the idea that the universe is comprised of twos, with each element achieving its totality only through the existence of these two. The duality of man (body and soul) is an example of this. Accepting this idea, however, presents an assumption that everything is composed of only two ultimate elements (the Chinese concept… View Article

Dualism and Monism: Of Body and Mind

In philosophy, dualism refers to views about the relationship between mind and matter, claiming that mind and matter are two epistemologically separate categories. Proponents of dualism claimed that neither the mind nor matter can be reduced to each other in any way. Here, dualism rejected the materialist conception of history, especially the Hegelian concept of… View Article

The Brain is Wider Than the Sky

Human’s brain is considered as the most complex tissue among all creatures. Emily Dickinson successfully compared the brain’s ability to interpret, absorb and look into, and generalize to the ability of ocean, the sky, and God. The imagination in the brains is wider than the sky. The sky is the atmosphere people see from the… View Article