Drunk Essay Topics

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is a primary cause of highway traffic accidents causing deaths and injuries with enormous monetary costs to society. The drunk driving was first recognized as a policy problem in the literature in 1904, approximately 5 years after the first highway traffic fatality in the United States (Voas and Lacey). In 1982, the National… View Article

Drunk Drivers: How Stiff Should the Penalties Be?

Under current Texas law, drunk drivers can be punished severely after only one offense. However, some say it is not severely enough. Texas law states that first-time offenders (over 21) will spend a minimum of 72 hours in jail, pay a fine up to $2,000, and have their license suspended for 90 days to one… View Article

“Drunk Driving – Over the Limit. Under Arrest.”

Society is faced with many troubling issues on a daily basis. Some of these issues include the wars and conflicts which our friends and family are fighting overseas, the stock market recession, the adoption of President elect Barack Obama, bailing out the automotive industry, and gun laws and violence. One issue that fails to make… View Article

Drunk Driving laws in New York

New York’s drunken driving laws, which seem to be adequate on paper, but did not have sufficient focus and cohesiveness to provide a substantial measure of anticipation. The combination of flimsy use of breath test laws, tolerant plea bargaining, grossly insufficient penalties and be short of commitment by the criminal justice system combined to lower… View Article

Texting While Driving

Texting while driving is one of the most common causes of accidents on roads. This is because texting while driving results in physical, visual and cognitive distraction. It greatly increases the amount of time a driver spends not looking at the road. It is a very serious distraction that can cost you your life or… View Article