Drug Essay Topics

Drug abuse

The policy in Switzerland seems to be a success because in the last 10 years there has been an astounding reduction in new users, 82% in fact. Addicts are offered heroin on prescription, access to “shooting galleries”, needle exchanges and oral methadone. This medicalised drug use has removes its glamour, making it trivial and less… View Article

Drugs in sport

Drugs in sport is a major problem at this moment in time as it is beginning to become easier to attain drugs in your locally area. There is four different aspects that will be looked at in this essay are the four different aspects of drugs in sport which are philosophy, sociology, psychology and physiology…. View Article

Drug: Antacid Effectiveness Analysis

To determine the neutralizing ability of antacids in different brands using back titration Objectives 1. To determine the neutralizing ability of antacids in different brands. 2. To compare the effectiveness of commercial antacids and their side effects. Reasons for Choice of Topic In nowadays, many HK people are suffering from upset stomach due to heavy… View Article

Drugs trafficking in the US Mexico border

There has been an argument about drugs trafficking in the US Mexico border. It has been said that with effective and sustained financial aid from US, Mexico should be able to dramatically reduce drug trafficking and the violence it generates. I disagree with this idea because the origin and history of drug trafficking along the… View Article

Identifying a problem “Drug trafficking”

This paper studies two different opinions on the impact of drug trafficking laws. One school feels that current laws on drugs have been effective and efficient in containing drug use problem and should be retained. Others see the laws as unjustifiably harsh and skewed against certain groups in society. They argue that drugs should be… View Article

Drug Patent Statement

Patent Laws Patent laws are created to protect the intellectual property rights of scientists and to motivate investors to produce rare drugs. Under the intellectual property laws in drugs, investors and investors could market and profit from their products for 18 years without the fear of losing sales from the threat of generic drugs. Effects… View Article

Is drug testing an unwarranted invasion of employee privacy

1. Is drug testing an unwarranted invasion of employee privacy? Applying for a job means that you are in conform to the rules and regulation of the company where you are applying. Once you have been accepted, part of that is the medical examination including the drug testing. If you are physically and medically fit,… View Article

Good and Bad Drugs

The use of Nevirapine while pregnant is generally safe. Wide usage of such antiretroviral drug aims to decrease or eliminate the chance of the HIV transmission to child. This drug is widely distributed in London and United States for those who are pregnant and HIV patient. The use of Nevirapine while pregnant was considered normally… View Article

The learned intermediary doctrine and the pharmaceutical companies

Scholars agree that learned intermediary doctrine has implications for pharmaceutical companies. While some scholars suggest that doing away with the learned intermediary doctrine would benefit the pharmaceutical companies, other scholars refute this suggestion. In this paper, an attempt will be made to discuss the opinions of various scholars concerning the learned intermediary doctrine. The implication… View Article

Journalism Bias: Drug Trafficking

Readers of popular media want the juicy details of a story. It is the details of the wealthy, beautiful, and famous that readers want to know; even if the subject is a criminal. An article may promote a man for once being a good businessman, but now he is just a wealthy drug trafficker with… View Article

The Negative Impact of Drugs on Sports Entertainment

The non-medical use of performance enhancing drugs among adolescents and young adults is of growing concern.  As many as half a million Americans under age 18 may be abusing anabolic/androgenic steroids to improve their athletic performance, appearance and self-image.  A growing body of evidence suggests that medically unsupervised drug use may pose severe risks to… View Article

The Use of Ritalin as a cure for ADHD

Ritalin or ‘Methylphenidate’ is a sympathomimetic agent that indirect acts by stimulating the central nervous system.  It facilities the release dopamine and nor epinephrine at the pre-synaptic neurons, and in this way responsible for changing the level of several substances in the brain.  The drug tends to affect the dopaminergic function.  The drug is utilized… View Article

The use of Methamphetamines and how it destroys lives

One of the most misused drugs in the US, UK, Australia and Western European Countries are the additive stimulants Amphetamines and Methamphetamines (which belongs to the same group). In the US, Amphetamine use surprisingly exceeded cocaine use, during the later portion of the last century. This created a lot of concern to the authorities and… View Article

Tobacco And Cocaine: Moral Difference

In this paper, I plan to focus on the ethical differences between tobacco and cocaine consumption. Although, the issue of whether what is morally objectionable ought also to be banned by law is more of political, not of ethics per se1             Acceptance or objecting smoking attracts views that are ranked from one extreme to… View Article