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Drinking culture Essay Examples

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Drunk Driving Presentation Speech

Hearing the siren of an Ambulance is scary; it notifies that a drunk driver has just crashed. Drunk driving, everybody likes to hang out with their friends and have a good time. Drinking is definitely one way to have a good time. However drinking and driving is illegal. Alcohol can reduce a person’s depth perception;…

Keeping the Drinking Age at 21

Keeping the Drinking at 21 In the world today, the majority of countries has a legal drinking age of eighteen or lower. Unlike many other countries, the United States has a minimum legal drinking age of twenty-one. Although our laws acknowledge that at age eighteen one is an adult who possess sufficient maturity and judgment…

Drinking Age

You pack up all your belongings, say farewell to your hometown and your parents, and just like that, you start a whole new life that you have been looking forward to all your life. As you approach your first Friday night as a college freshman, you inevitably encounter the choice of going to your first…



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Should the Drinking Age Be Lowered to 16

At the moment in Australia the drinking age is 18 and I think that it is time to taking the case of lowering the age into our own hands. Surveys show that nearly 10 million youths aged 12-20 in Australia report that they have consumed alcohol in a 30 day period in 2011. The century…

Cause and Effects of Binge Drinking Among Youths

Nowadays, in our society you can see people drinking in everywhere such as in bars and under HDB block. Now youngsters are drinking in Singapore is gradually rising. Most of them are youngsters . Alcoholism is a bad habits and if drink a lot of alcohol will have adverse effects on the body. The purpose…

Should We Lower the Drinking Age

Those who supported the change for the 2009 re-authorization of the law (dubbed Pro 18), and those who wanted the law to remain at the current age of 21 (dubbed Pro 21), had three major categories to explore for this debate: safety, binge drinking and maturity. There is opposition and support on both sides of…

Legal Drinking Age

Purpose: To persuade my audience that the drinking age should be lowered to the age of 18.

Thesis: To have the ability to lower the drinking age we must first look at new ways to educate our young adults, realize the role of our parents, and we must also look at the effects of a lower…

So You Think You Are Going to Live Forever

Everyone thinks that none of the stories they hear will happen to them. They think they are invincible. “So You Think You Are Going to Live Forever? ” is a presentation by Officer Pete Collins to a group of high school students. It was taken in 1990 to lower the level of those who drink…

Should the Drinking Age Be Raised to 21

Teenagers between the age of fifteen to eighteen are drinking an average of nine to eleven cans of beer per week. They will ruin their lives if they don’t cut down on the alcohol. Should this be enough to raise the drinking age up to twenty-one? Teenagers do not understand how dangerous alcohol can be….

The Drinking Age Should Stay at 21

I. Introduction: Starting in 1970 21 states reduced the minimum drinking age to 18. Another 8 reduced it to 19 or 20. However, these states noticed increases in alcohol-related fatalities among teenagers and young adults. As a result, of the 29 states that had lowered their drinking age, 24 raised the age again between 1976…

The Dangers of Alcohol Used Minors

“Plastered, Hammered, Wasted, Drunk, Lifted.. These are all terms my friends use on any given Friday or Saturday night to ask if I want to party for the weekend! When we do get to parties, kids are doing keg stands (Where someone holds your legs up in the air, you grab the keg with both…

Controversial Analysis: Drinking Age

Because underage drinking is a major problem for young adults, the drinking age has become a very controversial issue. In the 1990’s, the drinking age was 18, but it was changed to 21 in 1984. The Federal Government informed states to choose between raising the drinking age to 21 or foregoing highway funding. This decision…

Drinking Age Shouldn’t Be Lowered

Many young people are drinking at an early age which shown it’s a public health problem in this country. Approximately five thousand underage die a year due to drinking. Research shows drinking at an early age can lead into alcoholic. Other research shows younger children drinking are more likely to be engaging in behaviors that…

Health and Behavioral Consequences of Binge Drinking in College

Objective — To examine the extent of binge drinking by college students and the ensuing health and behavioral problems that binge drinkers create for themselves and others on their campus. Design — Self-administered survey mailed to a national representative sample of US 4-year college students. Setting — One hundred forty US 4-year colleges in 1993….

Underage Drinking, Why Do Teens Drink

Too many teens drink and on average, they drink too much. Underage drinking has become a major problem in the United States. First of all, statistics show that more than ten million drinkers in the US are between the ages of twelve and twenty, and of these twenty percent engage in binge drinking and six…

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