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Dramatically effective Essay

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Dramatically effective

“And as I sat many afternoons asking myself why, being an intelligent man, I was so powerless to stop it. I even went to a certain old lady in the neighbourhood, a very wise old woman, and I told her, she only nodded, and said, “pray for him… ” and so I waited her” These are the words we hear from Alfieri after a very peculiar visit from one Eddie Carbone. Following the visit with Alfieri, Eddie’s mood is very tense. It is here where the audience receive a clear indication of Eddie’s feelings towards Catherine.

Alfieri says to Eddie that Catherine wants to get married and there’s nothing Eddie can do about it, but adds unless she he wants her to marry him. After hearing this Eddie furiously goes on the defensive and becomes very edgy. He then replies very harshly at Alfieri as if Alfieri is talking absolute rubbish and doesn’t have a clue. Eddie starts going on about all skills which Rodolfo has are not manly. He has difficulty describing his doubts to Alfieri “The guy aint right” he says and “you know what I mean”.

Miller shows how uncomfortable it is mentioning these things by the stage directions as Eddie twists and turns. Eddie talks about how he welcomed Rodolfo into his house and fed him and given him blankets right from his own bed and passionately say but he’s putting his filthy hands on her meaning Catherine. Just after that he then adds he’s stealing from me Mr Alfieri showing that Eddie thinks a lot of Catherine. He means stealing away something which should be his like Catherine as his lover.

He keeps speaking of how he does not like Rodolfo; “He gives me the heebie-jeebies”, “I don’t like his whole way” and also hinted at his doubts on Rodolfo’s sexuality; “He’s like a weird”, “I just hope that’s his regular hair! ” Lastly Alfieri makes a very important speech and says about how God mixes up people and there’s love between them but sometimes there’s too much, whether it’s to a daughter or a niece and the person never realises it but there is too much love for the daughter, there’s too much love for the niece.

Eddie pretends not to really understand him and hide behind just caring for her but Alfieri is slyly hinting about Eddie’s feelings for Catherine. Mainly the reason there is conflict between Eddie and Catherine is because of how Eddie is so protective of her. He tells her she is walking wavy and he doesn’t like that, at the same time he also refers to her as a “Madonna. ” This gives the audience the idea that she is pure and she is a virgin and Eddie wants her to stay as she is. After the visit with Alfieri, Eddie gets home where everyone is talking about Rodolfo.

Catherine seems very fascinated at everything Rodolfo does because of love, Even if some are the simplest things she is amazed. She acts like a curious child. Eddie notices her interest in Rodolfo’s singing so he quickly silences him. His ability to do this lets him believe that he is in charge in the house. The stage directions show his power because he stands up all the time. She starts of by saying “They went to Africa once. On a fishing boat. (Eddie then glances at her). Its true, Eddie. ” Eddie replies and says he didn’t say they didn’t.

The glance at Catherine from Eddie was to say that he really didn’t care what they’ve done, and don’t want to get involved at all if it involves praising Rodolfo. I also found how every time in this section Eddie said something it was always directed at Marco and didn’t really want to talk to Rodolfo, sometimes even ignoring what he said. Eddie just wants to snap and put down anything good Rodolfo does, he seems to be just getting more anxious to tell him to shut up as you go on. Finally when Eddie and

Marco are talking about oranges in Italy being painted, Rodolfo adds in how lemons are green. Eddie snaps “I know lemons are green, for Christ sake, you see them in the store they’re green sometimes. I said oranges they paint; I didn’t say nothing about lemons. ” It seems from Eddie’s point of view that Rodolfo is just trying to make Eddie out to be a fool or less of a man. Eddie always seems to mock Rodolfo. They call him a “canary” and a “paper doll”. This all leads up to dramatic tension, for example eddies kiss with Catherine at the beginning of act two.

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