Drama Essay Topics

The Effect of Magic in MacBeth and Midsummers Night Dream

Macbeth is a tragedy where the main character dies, and Midsummer Night’s Dream is a comedy with a happy ending. Even though theses two plays are so different, they both have a similar power that controls the plot. In both plays, Midsummer Night’s dream and Macbeth, Shakespeare uses magic powers such as witches and fairies… View Article

Tempest notes

Thesis: Through the usage of various literary devices that support and enhance the contents of his story, Prospero is a master storyteller [who portrays his brother in a villainous light]. – continuously tells Miranda to listen to him: “I pray thee mark me” (68, 88), “Dost thou attend me?”(78), “Thou attend’st not?” (87), “Dost thou… View Article

Medieval Archetypes Utilized in Hamlet

Hamlet by William Shakespeare is a complex play because of its multiple dimensions. Upon dissection, the influence of other works can be observed in it. One of the most prominent of these works is the York “Fall of Man”. This particular play is a very poor remake of the book of Genesis in the bible…. View Article

Hedda gabler

Drama has no single definition and does not have a common meaning that can be applied to the wide range of texts, plays, acts, and various others that can be called drama. However, drama is “by far the most economical means of expression” (Esslin, 1976). The subjects expressed in drama are extensive and diverse and… View Article

Comparative Essay: Hamlet vs. King Lear

King Lear and Hamlet are two of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies where he has developed complex characters that create more problems for themselves as a result of their natures. Both Hamlet and King Lear are protagonists who believe that things around them should be inherently good at all times and that people’s motives and actions should… View Article

Hamlet Speech Draft

In Shakespeare’s famous play “Hamlet”, Hamlet reveals the duality of human nature as he is the hero of one plot whilst a villain in the other. Hamlet portrays the heroic characteristics through bravery and fearlessness. On the other hand, he is a villain because he is a coward, disrespectful and he would do anything to… View Article

The Post-modernist Era in Dance- review of 5 pieces

Having read and experienced various modern techniques during this semester, I believe that I acquired a grand knowledge of modern concepts. The past few weeks were even more important to my improvement because I had a chance to execute long modern dance combinations with different dynamics and emotions. It led me to feel the music… View Article

Teen angst monologue

I don’t get it, why is it when you become a teenager everything gets so complicated and baffling? I mean, why are we supposed to know how to wear make up, get on diets, wear tight clothing, control our “calorie intake” and the list goes on and on and on. Is there some unwritten law… View Article

Research Investigation: commedia dell’arte masks

According to italian theatre historians, such as Roberto Tessari, Ferdinando Taviani, and Luciano Pinto, Commedia dell’arte, which literally translated as improvised comedy, developed as a response to the political and economic crisis of the 16th century in Italy and, as a consequence, became the first entirely professional form of theatre [1]. It is believed that… View Article

Designer’s Portfolio

1. A brief summary of the play Two tramps named Estragon and Vladimir meet on the road, beside a sick looking tree. They are happy because they didn’t see each other for a long time. Estragon has a sore foot and is having troubles taking his boot off. The two men remember that they are… View Article

Gallery Review – Nancy Lang

Today, the 9th of March, I have heard of the Pyo Gallery, and as soon as I heard that it was in Wangjing, I changed my plan from going to the Dashanzi District to trying the new place. It was hidden in several other galleries. I was lucky to get there before the exhibition time… View Article

Theme of Phoenix in Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451, written by Ray Bradbury during the Second World War, is a futuristic novel about a paradoxical society in which it is the job of firemen to set fires rather than to put them out. The firemen are explicitly charged with seeking out and burning any books they find in the city. Amidst the… View Article

Justive vs. Injustice in Mad Shadows

1.1 “Her mother Louise, who was rich and owned many farms, gave her daughter all the most menial chores in order to devote her life and her remaining youth to Patrice” (Blais 16) Shuns daughter because of her ugly appearance 1.2 “Exasperated, she swallowed her fury, her heart crying out for justice. But rebellion gave… View Article

Betrayal and Revenge in Medea

In his quest for the Golden Fleece, Jason elicits Medea, a women known for her supernatural powers. Shortly after, they marry. Yet, after all Medea does for Jason-including killing her own brother-he decides to leave her and marry the Corinthian Princess to increase his own wealth and status. Thus, to avenge her husband for his… View Article