Doctrine Essay Topics

Open Fields Doctrine

One of the exceptions to the search and seizure law which enables police officers to conduct warrantless search and seizure proceedings, especially in criminal cases, is the Open Fields Doctrine. Under this doctrine, the owner of any object found out of doors where it could be plainly seen by anybody who is standing on his… View Article

Epicurus’ ethical doctrines

Happiness is the ultimate thing that we ever wanted to happen to us. Everyday, we pursue happiness in whichever convenient or inconvenient way we can because we can not let pleasure slip on our hands for it can make us complete. Pleasure may be relative on each person but Epicurus tells us what really pleasure… View Article

Secret doctrine

Thesis statement: There is a need for human beings to be a part of a group. Elite and even secret organizations such as freemasonry satisfies this need and serve as a driving force to act as ideal citizens and initiate change in the society. First argument: Involvement in freemasonry helps an individual to become a… View Article

Open Fields and Plain View Doctrines

Officers Trent Nelson and Lance Mahoney were patrolling in Mill Ave. While patrolling they witnessed a man running while being chased by a woman. It was found out that the man forcibly took the bag of the woman. The two officers chased the man but they lost trace of him. However, the man dropped the… View Article

Doctrine of Respondeat Superior

According to the Doctrine or Respondeat Superior, the employer may be held responsible for the actions of his/her employee, who commits a tort within the course of his/her employment even if the tort or error is an outright disobedience of the instructions of the employer. The person in a superior position would be held responsible… View Article