Doctorate Essay Topics

Freie Universität Berlin (University)

Application: 1 February for the following winter semester (September) Application Requirements – An exceptionally strong completed university degree qualifying for PhD studies in political science, international relations, sociology, economics, law or related discipline – Proof of C1-level English language skills or the equivalent – An up-to-date CV – A short letter of motivation (600 words… View Article

University and Library Tab Resources

Student resource Where found Summary of the resource Syllabus Main forum materials Possible credits, courses,subjects and schedule to take them. Class Policies Classroom, materials tab Policies and procedures University Library Classroom, library tab Resources and resources for school University Academic Catalog Program tab, right of my program Information on your degree program and requirements University… View Article

University and Students

Introduction The hotel and restaurant management is the world’s largest industry and offers unrivalled opportunities for an exciting and rewarding career, though the outlook for employment in this industry is rapidly growing. With the increasing demand for highly skilled hospitality managers there has never been a better time to gain a qualification in this dynamic… View Article

Master’s Degree and Medical Science

I am writing to you because I want you to know that I admire your school and your teachings. I am seeking admission to your Master Degree Program in Medical Science, which is provided by the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. My passion and dedication for helping others in our community has strongly… View Article

Having a University Degree

Is it worth to study and spend a lot of the best time of your life for a university degree? One advantage is that you have a lot of reputation with an academic title, it can be very useful if you looking for a job. Also officials use another handling if you have a university… View Article

Online classes vs Traditional classes

Online classes and traditional classes are both great ways to receive an education. They both strive for the same purpose, which is to help students reach their goals during college. Although both online and traditional classes are great, they do differ in some ways. The four major differences between these classes are, interaction between students… View Article

Diliman Preparatory School

Introduction Meeting deadlines appear to be very stressful among students. They like to work at the very last days to run after the deadline. Cramming like a speedy horse in complying with a given specific task the day or night before. Why? It is a matter of upbringing or behavioral pattern that governs the mentality… View Article

Bologna Process in Ukraine

How was the Bologna process creating? And, how is it join in Ukraine? The Bologna process was created by Ministers of Education from 29 European countries in the Italy city of Bologna. It is provide European higher education area by making academic degree standards more comparable and compatible. From the 2005 Ukraine could join the… View Article

Naked Economics

DOCTORAL WRITING TIPS: PLEASE READ-IMPORTANT-HINT, HINT, HINT Please use the tips below and I am almost certain you will get a much better grade, create very polished, doctoral-level papers, and will have a MUCH easier time on your proposal/project/dissertation as these items are REQUIRED. 1. Do not use too many direct quotes — in academia… View Article