Distinction Essay Topics

Student-teacher ratio and class-size

However it is important to understand the basis of this debate and to clarify the positions put forward by researchers on both sides of the fence. In discussing the matters of the student-teacher ratio and class size, very few researchers attempt to make a useful distinction between the two concepts. Hanushek (2000) points out that… View Article

Educational Distinction between US and Bangladesh

Hello everyone, I am here to present a paper on the educational distinction between the USA and Bangladesh. Education is one of the most important tools today, and it is education that would change the future of the country and of the world. Let me read you an interesting poem on education by Randy Johnson… View Article

Both Stories Bestow Us Characters

Both characters deserve our sympathy as they are all affected by class distinction. The title, “The stolen party” itself foreshadows the ending of the story and builds up tension. Rosaura in “The Stolen Party” is affected by her simply not knowing the verity that she would be affected by her going to the party, regardless… View Article

Distinctively Visual speech

Good morning/afternoon class and maim, I am here today to demonstrate my understanding of the concept of distinctively visual, through an analysis of the relationship between Henry Lawson’s short story ‘The Drover’s Wife’ , with a strong, courageous and determined woman that deals with the severe, unmerciful Australian outback. The painting ‘Battling Bushfires by the… View Article

Shoe-Horn Sonata

The notion of the distinctively visual can be seen as a process of connecting an image with an idea, the distinctive quality of the visual lies in its capacity to elicit a powerful response and plant it within the reader’s mind, in order to cultivate as the themes, characters and plot of the material begins… View Article

Islands of Meaning by Zerubavel

The article illustrates how we mentally categorize things by segmenting and applying meaning to the world around us. This enables us to form ideas and opinions that aid in the development of society along with our own image of self. Our boundaries can be dependent upon our cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds influencing what is defined… View Article