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Social attitudes

1) Discuss how social attitudes are formed and how people communicate their values. Relate this to your own life/work experience. Social attitudes are formed every day. Every experience that a person has affects the development of that individual’s social attitudes. Every person that one meets will have an effect, no matter how small or big,…

Discuss the role of demand

In this paper we discuss the role of demand and supply in determining equilibrium price and quantity in the market, in a free market the demand and supply determine the equilibrium price and demand, in this case we consider 2,500 apartments which are to be leased out at a rate of 1,100 per month. If…

Discuss the warrior rule in the Kamakura and Ashikaga Shogunates with specific examples

Most of Japan’s political history revolved around the warrior rule or political rule of warring clans. Throughout the twelve until the nineteenth century, the governance of Japan depended on the outcomes of the continuous struggle between warring groups to take control. At the center of the warrior rule are two concepts, the bushi translated as…



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Discuss the themes of identity explored

Identity is made up of individual characteristics by which a person is recognized individually, as a member of a group, and of a wider society. We can draw this identity from our environment and setting, other individuals, memory, and also by contrast and similarities. Identity is needed to give people the ability to know who…

Discuss the significance of seemingly

Discuss the significance of seemingly “unrealistic” or apparently implausible characters, places or events in literature you have studied. Unrealistic or implausible characters are often used literature to aid in transmitting the author’s intention and are usually of crucial conceptual significance, this is to say, that they are vital in the development of ideas that the author…

Discuss research relating to bystander behaviour

The murder of Kitty Genovese and the bystander behaviour that was apparent that night triggered a great deal of research to explain bystander behaviour. Latane & Darley suspected that the fact that the number of possible helpers was so large might actually have contributed to their lack of intervention. They processes that might explain the…

Friedman discusses

There are many issues that will be bearing on everyone’s career. These obstacles will be there no matter what field of work you go into. According to The World is Flat, the author, Thomas Friedman, states there are numerous issues in the global business world that will be bearing on my career. Some of these…

Discuss the nature and quality of make-belief play

Discuss the nature and quality of make-belief play, and the particular ways in which it relates to drama. Drama in education requires an atmosphere of ‘playfulness’. We must be prepared to play with ideas, our bodies, voice, self and others. Young children do this naturally, learning by thrilling experience of living. Children ‘make’ their world in…

Discuss how this idea is highlighted in Arthur Miller

Arthur Miller was a playwright who dealt with many issues and themes. His play ‘The Crucible’ involves a past parallel of McCarthyism in the form of the Salem Witch Trials. McCarthyism came about when a politician named Joseph McCarthy tried to cover up his shaping of an anticommunist policy by using scapegoats. In this play,…

Discuss Dickens treatment of the Victorian concept

Discuss Dickens treatment of the Victorian concept of a gentleman in “Great Expectations”. Great Expectations is a novel about a boy called Pip and is of him growing up. One day a lawyer turns up at his sister’s house saying he has great expectations of him. A mysterious benefactor is giving money through the lawyer…

Discuss The Characters Of Marco And Rodolfo

From the moment they enter the play, the formal and grateful character of Marco contrasts greatly to the more ostentatious and vivacious character of Rodolfo. This is evident to the audience through our initial understanding of them – Marco is respectful, honest and a responsible gentleman, which can be observed through his family ambitions and…

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