Directors Essay Topics

Liabilities of a Director

A company is usually established by individuals or Directors (officers included) in this case so as to run it in appropriate manner in order to make maximum profits. For this to happen, it is for the company (Pandora Diamonds and Gems Pty Ltd in our case) to enter or make contracts with outsiders like Kaplan… View Article

Auteurs Theory and Stanley Kubrick

In this essay there will be attempted to establish Stanley Kubrick as one of the world’s best directors by using the auteur theory witch elevates a director as not just a member of the film crew but as the artist bringing his personal style and personality to a film. Kubrick’s work will be analysed in… View Article

Women on Corporate Board of Director

1.0 Introduction In this decade, we have seen an increase in women’s participation in the board of director. Previously, we can see around the world, every board of director of a single company led by men only. But, over the time, women are slowly absorbed into the board of director and they play a great… View Article

Case Study: Transact Insurance Ltd

NB: You need to work with your teammates. You’re welcome to do it individually as well. Read the case study of Transact Insurance Ltd. Use one of the models in the chapter on culture or the prescribed articles to describe the culture of the organisation. Also identify the major influences on the evolution of that… View Article

The Australian Financial Review

INTRODUCTION This assignment aims to present in a clear and concise manner our viewpoint towards remuneration disclosure, considering steps to improve this matter of contention is taken voluntarily by the boards as recently stated by The Australian Financial Review. Section I explains our disposition about amendments done concerning disclosing remunerations. Financial accounting principle theories utilised,… View Article