Dilemma Essay Topics

Ethical dilemmas

Any field of study has its dilemmas and nursing is no exception. The dilemmas in question tend to take a higher dimension and involve the nurse educators as well. Their dilemmas range from ethical or legal to moral. Some of these dilemmas involve trying to meet the needs of the community around you. Trying to… View Article

An Individual and Societal Dilemma

One of the major alterations in our economic activity is unemployment. Unemployment is a phenomenon which greatly affects the economy of a nation. Unemployment refers to the people with no current jobs. Unemployment rate is measured by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) through household surveys. BLS attempts to obtain the number of unemployed workers… View Article

Ethical Dilemma

What Dr. Schneider is doing by putting crowns on teeth that could be treated with two surface amalgams is unethical. It is obvious that she is doing this to increase revenues during a downturn in her financial condition related to her divorce. Two surface amalgams have a long history for use for fillings for decayed… View Article

An Ethical Dilemma

There exists a strong link between the way and pace of life in a society and eating habits of the individuals. No matter how diverse and sophisticated the cuisine of a certain culture might be, today’s hyper moving tempo necessitates cheaper and faster food. That is where the fast food sector steps in, saving the… View Article

A Collegiate Dilemma

Favoritism is the tendency of an individual to discriminate against another person or a group of persons. It happens when an individual favors another over others. In most cases, it occurs as a result of an individual’s value judgment and thus it is an attitude( http://dictionary. die. net/favoritism ). For instance, in many learning institutions… View Article

Analysis of Ethical Dilemma

Britney, age 17, has been referred because of problems at school and a shoplifting charge. She admits to “smoking some dope” every now and then and having a drink or two with her friends. She is dressed in black with pierced ears, nose, and lip. Her appearance is disheveled and her hygiene poor. She appears… View Article

Ethical Dilemma

In searching for a solution to the ethical dilemma of animal factories using antibiotics to keep animals well, I think there is only one solution; that is to stop buying animal products that come from these places. The hard part is getting more people to follow suit. The hard part about getting people to stop… View Article

Cultural Dilemma in the US Postal Service

There are numerous cultural differences in our societies as a result of the numerous diverse cultures that people belong to. Each culture has its own ways of doing things with different cultural norms, values, perceptions, as well as behaviors. People from certain cultures will practice the values, norms and perceptions that their cultures belief in… View Article

Ethical decision making

There are several ethical dilemma’s created by the decision to charge all customers the high end of the warranty expenses. On the plus sizes, Bly is consistent in that he charges all of the customers the same amount. To that end, he is ensuring that his customers all receive fair and equal treatment. However, the… View Article

The Omnivore’s Dilemma

Michael Pollan articulately illustrates to the reader’s several eating “dilemmas” that humans experience throughout history. Humans are considered omnivores, we could and do eat anything. This includes meat, vegetables, and, unfortunately processed foods. Many of the physical and emotional problems that humans face stem from this ‘eating’ issue. Humans are faced with the problem of… View Article

The Omnivore’s Dilemma

This book by Michael Pollan wishes to illustrate to the reader’s several eating “dilemmas” that we humans experience. Since we are considered as omnivores, we basically could eat anything, from meat, vegetables, to processed foods. Because of this we are faced with the problem of choice, what we should eat, how much we should eat,… View Article

Business and Research Project

JC Penny has been running successfully for close to 90 years. Most entrepreneurs and managers face the same dilemmas at times. The choices one makes are the basis for his or her company success. The CEO of JC Penny Ron Johnson was faced with many management dilemmas. The first of many dilemmas that Ron Johnson… View Article

Finders keepers my ethical dilemma

Introduction My mother always told me I must learn to think for myself, question a situation and most importantly, I must learn to say ‘NO’, cause when the devil shows or makes you an unbelievable offer it’s harder than you think to say ‘NO’. Regardless of ethnicity, religion or culture when faced with a moral… View Article