Diamond Essay Topics

Internationalising Porter’s Diamond

This article Internationalising Porter’s Diamond argues that Porter underestimates the significance of the globalization of production and markets in his work about competitive advantage of nations. Dunning says that there is increasing interaction and networking cross-borders. He argues that the cross-border value added activities by multinational companies have influence indirectly and directly on each of… View Article

Are diamonds taken out of context today

In today’s society, we [as people] take many things out of context. For example, diamonds. A diamonds, is a naturally occurring gem that has become prized for an unknown reason. They have no absolute value, except the price man delegates them to be valued. Humans discovered diamonds over four thousand years ago. Since its discovery,… View Article

Why are Diamonds More Expensive than Water?

An article by a certain B. Venkatesh entitled “The diamond-water paradox” (http://www. blonnet. com) is really an interesting article on the nature of scarcity as a central theme in any discussion on economics. The diamond-water paradox, which posits the classic question of why diamonds are more expensive than water considering that the latter is more… View Article

Critical Film Review on Blood Diamond

A movie filled with shark and unforgettable moments truly gels the substance. It portrays different motives and goals and how each character changes his methodology and ways but the dream remains the same. Each follows his dream and then realizes it. It portrays the various reasons that make a person into a killer. Some do… View Article

Blood Diamond

In history, it was on 1866 that the first diamond was officially discovered and in the South Africa. Hope Town, South Africa claimed that the first dazzling gems were found in their place. At the early times, South African people’s way of existence was through agriculture. The whole evolution and the development of the contemporary… View Article

Blood Diamond

The realization that there is always something bad mixed with good hit her like a tornado as she watched the movie Blood Diamond. Unconsciously she fingered the stone on her finger and wished she had not worn it. She had to blink back the tears stinging her eyes as she saw children being put to… View Article

Assignment #2 – Zale Jewelers Flop at the High End

1.What do you think will be the effectiveness of Burton returning Zales Jewelers to its regular business strategy? In your answer, define or categorize that strategy. I think that Burton returning the Zales Jewelers to its regular business strategy will bring back the company from the decline it was facing with Forte as CEO. The… View Article

Is war ever justified??

Diamond, a precious metal, is famous for two important characteristics which are its hardness and thermal conductivity, although, extraction and processing of a diamond are a very difficult process. Diamond is one of the most expensive metals in the world as it is rarely found in the world. The extraction and processing of a diamond… View Article