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DHL Company Essay

DHL is a laregest company in the world founded by Andrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn in San Francisco 1969, and DHL is part of the Deutsche Post DHL group brand with a vision to become “the logistics company for the world”. DHL promise to customers is to provide simplifying services and sustainable solutions and to always demonstrate respect without compromising on results. Branding is the most effective DHLs factors of any business whether large or small, retail or business-to-business. An effective brand strategy gives a major edge in increasing competitive markets. DHL is international company in the world by present in over 220 countries and territories across the globe. For its contributions in past 40 years, DHL has become the global leader of the international express and logistics industry to solve the customer fulfill needed and want.

1. Do you think DHL’s branding strategies are suitable for the 21st century? Why or Why not? DHL’s branding strategies are suitable for the 21st century because is the age of modern technologies and namely information technologies. Technology environment is vital part of every business that rapidly moves of forward. DHL try to adapt the changes and make work in their customer favor. Now people run of time and final product must delivered in safely. The DHL brand stands for personal commitment, proactive solutions and local strength worldwide. DHL has been synonymous with fast, reliable express and forwarding services around the world. Depending on its deep understand of global internet and local market, DHL provides professional service in express, air freight and ocean shipping, ground transportation and international postal service areas. DHL and encompasses four divisions to serve customers.

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i) DHL Express: DHL Express transports urgent documents and goods reliably and time from door-to-door in more than 220 countries and territories and operates the most comprehensive global express network. DHL Express also provide courier and express services to business and private customers. The principles of providing a fast and focused express service, without losing sight of the importance of human touch, remains unchanged. The need to meet the hugely differing demands of local and global markets. DHL created a service that offers a choice of Time Definition and Day Definition delivery options together with a range of Same Day possibilities.

ii) DHL Supply Chain CIS: supply chain is global market leader in contract logistics, providing warehousing, managed transport and value-added services and offers solutions for corporate information and communications management. DHL try to solve customer problem, they try to listen and identify growth objective, key customers, profitability goals, competitive issues.

iii) Global Forwarding, Freight: are divided by rail, road, air, and sea to carry goods. In its daily business DHL Global Forwarding takes care of a variety of customers’ logistics needs from standardized logistics operations and multi-modal transport solutions to highly individualized industrial projects. Today, worldwide leader in air freight forwarding with more than 10% of the market. And international No.1 in ocean freight.

iv) Global mail: DHL international global mail expert in providing customized solutions for your mail and business to business parcels by maintaining one of the world’s largest delivery network. Largest network for international mail dispatch, offering customers complete dispatch solutions for all international mail services from a single source, with direct links to more 200 countries. 35 sales offices and 40 production centre worldwide. Numerous cross-border solutions for customers mail shipments and just objective their satisfaction.

The changing pace of globalization and the selling power of the internet now enable our customers to develop business connections around the world at any time, serve the customer and break into new market. To get trust from customer, DHL proven track record system to ensure maintain the high delivery performance standards to customers expect from a company.

2. Evaluate the effectiveness of THREE (3) tires strategies for their customers. How this strategy does help them in future to sustain their market positing? Do you have any other better idea that can help DHL? DHL try to know the customer life cycle deeply, DHL segments its customer different groups. According to different customer needs, customer segmented as strategic customer, long-term relationship customer and normal customer. Strategic customer is someone who has large amounts of logistics needs or complex supply chain requires.

Tier 1 – top customers, managed by Global Customer Solutions (GCS) globally DHL develops strong customer relationship to understand and know customer views. By greats understanding of customer, the company can adapt the specific service to fulfill customer needs. Usually, DHL Company always finishes their service optimally due to its excellent personal approach. DHL see to its that customer’s goods get to their final destination with maximum reliability. DHL try to attracting new customer but still to focused on old customer’s need to prevent losing those customers. In addition, the Global Customer Solutions which is launched for top 100 customers also make a great contribution to company and customer to create win-win situation.

Tier 2 – other multinational customers, managed by individual business units globally The leading companies devise and evaluate their marketing strategy to survive and keep up with rapid transformations in dynamic and competitive environment. Along with the globalization and the development of technologies, more and more companies have to realized how complex the competitive situation is today. To respond to the highly competitive environment, DHL companies have to look for an approach to develop themselves from “inside” and “outside”.

Tier 3 – thousand of local customers, managed by individual business units locally. As the biggest logistics company, the main service of DHL is to deliver goods or mails all over the world. DHL staff can speak local language to ensure the communication between customer and them is easy.

3. How do you assess DHL’s approaches to increasing globalization? What would be the main challenges for DHL in 21st century due to the Globalization? As a manager of DHL, how do you anticipate these challenges? Justify.

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