Development Essay Topics

The Subconscious in Characters in Gordimer’s

  She feels bewitched and cut off from reality. Marlow experiences a similar sense of insecurity as he travels up the Congo, a journey he describes as a timeless voyage “back to the earliest beginnings of the world, when vegetation rioted on the earth and the big trees were kings” (30). He feels lost and… View Article

Developing poise is a question of developing confidence in ones personality

Developing poise is a question of developing confidence in one’s personality. Look at all the people who lack this confidence. The noisy are unsure of themselves and trying to attract attention. The awkward are over-anxious, worrying about the impression they are making. The clumsy are self-conscious, scared of disapproval. Some people lack poise because it… View Article

Development of Curleys wife throughout the novel

In the novel Steinbeck’s uses social class, to separate the characters from one another especially Curley’s wife from crooks “you keep your place then nigger”, indicates to us that the social structure was different in America around 1937, a white women was above a black man. The writer showed this and showed peoples attitude of… View Article

Comment on the development of the character of Pip

We are acquainted with Pip from the outset of the novel, the opening lines telling of his unfortunate name and of the untimely deaths of his parents. To the reader, Pip appears to be a perceptive young boy- his visions about his parents were very lurid and imaginative, considering they were only taken from the… View Article

Development in the novel

“Great Expectations” has been described as the story of a “snob’s progress”. In the light of this comment, describe Pip’s development in the novel. Refer to the changes in the way he behaves and talks, the reactions of other characters in the novel and the reasons why he normally retains the reader’s sympathy. In “Great Expectations”,… View Article

The Psychological Development of a Client

From society’s standpoint, one of the most important indexes of morality is the extent of which a person is able to resist pressures to violate social norms. A person who is able to resist the temptation in the absence of external surveillance not only has learned a moral rule but is internally motivated to abide… View Article

Development programme

12 minutes run on the Treadmill in level 11.5 and 5 minutes cycling a steady pace. 12 minutes run on the Treadmill, in level 11.5 with 5 minutes cycling at a steady pace Circuit training programme which we will include 1 minute cycling at a fast pace rest for 2 minutes, 1minutes sprint with 1 minute rest… View Article

Development of syllabuses in schools

How did the changing role of women and our view of children affect the development of syllabuses in schools? As history progressed peoples attitude towards women and children changed for the better. As a result of the two world wars, women and children were able to prove their importance, enabling them to increase their value… View Article

Decisions together to make our performance stronger

The ‘development’ process in drama is where as an actor or director a person looks, in depth, at the meaning of the plot, the feelings created by this and the stage directions and uses or implements these in his or her own dictation of the scene to his or her own taste and liking. Development… View Article

Development levels and record

To observe Lydia during a creative “choosing” session. I will try to observe her development levels and record how she interacts with other children and the adults around her. Setting The primary school, in which I am working in, is situated on a campus with a sports centre, a community school and a 6th form college. It… View Article

Toy project DT

Toys are described as playthings for the use of children, normally a toy is to provide entertainment and education. It is widely believed that toys influence the emotional, social, mental and the physical development of children. They play a great part to the early years of a person’s life: to occupy and to teach. So… View Article

The teacher in the two key stages

The role of the teacher in the two key stages is both similar and different in many ways. These can be established through a detailed analysis and observation of the teachers’ roles both inside and outside the classroom setting. One means of doing this is to look at the teachers’ roles against the heading for… View Article

Describe and assess one theory of cognitive development

Piaget argued that CD is based on the development of schemas. This refers to a psychological structure representing all of a person’s knowledge of actions or objects, e.g. gripping or driving. To perform a new skill which the person has no schema they have to work from previous skills that they have. This is called… View Article

Since vocabulary development

Since vocabulary development is an active, ongoing process for children during these years, helping them increase the size of their vocabulary should be an integral, ongoing part of any school curriculum. As suggested by the research cited above, curricula for vocabulary development should concentrate on introducing new words into the classroom and using a variety… View Article

What was important to women in the past

In the early 20’s, things like getting married at an early age while you were still at your prime, building a family, buying a house with a “white picket fence” were important. Then in the 30’s, getting married and having a family was still the most important thing, but also perhaps becoming a socialite and… View Article