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Developed radical behaviourism

Skinner (1904-1990) developed radical behaviourism. Skinner concerned himself only with scientific methods and only observable behaviour. Skinner believed that all behaviour is learnt from environmental consequences or operant conditioning. Skinner went on to assert that behaviour is more or less likely depending on the consequences as a result of that behaviour (reward/punishment). Skinner highlighted his… View Article

Developing Information

I chose to put a very limited amount of information on my front page because I wanted to attract the reader’s attention simply. I placed Oxfam’s logo on the front page, because I knew that as soon as people saw the logo they would know which charity my leaflet was for. I spread out my… View Article

Developing new technologies

Canon has established research centers all over EU, USA and Japan to conduct research in developing new technologies. Canon emphasizes on managing its process in order to deliver product that are cheap and fast maintaining a good Information Management strategy. Manipulation of information using documentation, emails and other paper works became a potential information overload… View Article

International Environmental Law and Developing Nations

The global environment, in its magnificent entireness, is unburdened by boundaries that distance peoples and communities on the ground, created by manmade issues of race, language, and religion or through greed, conquest and political machination. Man, despite his many victories over nature is helpless in the face of universal natural forces and unable to protect… View Article

Brain Drain

The first think that click in yur mind about brain drain is movie newyork,the thing that happened to john abrahim ,he was basically a nice person but he was torchured so much in jail that his niceness was removed ,and he became a terrorist his brain was completely drained, but u all r wrong with… View Article

MKTG 315 Pre-test

1. President Obama’s health care plan requires all U.S. citizens to purchase a minimum amount of health insurance or be fined 2. Suppose that from January 2011 to January 2012, the inflation rate was 6 percent 3. Fill out the table according the demographic information for each group 4. Which of the following approaches to… View Article