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Design – Potassium Dichromate

Introduction: The reaction that is carried out in this design practical is between acidified Potassium dichromate and Iron wool. The reaction is a redox reaction. A Redox reaction (a short way of saying “reduction-oxidation reaction”) is the simultaneous transfer of electrons between multiple substances. The oxidation numbers or the oxidation state of atoms is changed… View Article

Chemistry Design Prac

Investigate one chemistry related factor on the deflection of the liquid flow in the presence of a charged rod Research question How will the amount of time spent rubbing a glass rod affect the angle of deflection of flowing water in the presence of the charged glass rod? Background Research Static electricity is formed in… View Article

Designing a training programme for supervisor skills at Primark

Type of training and how long will the training take? (on the job or off the job) Shadowing/demonstration/coaching/external or internal course 1 hour/1/2 day/ 5 days? Provider of training and Location Sales floor/store training room/Primark head office/College/Distance course. Internal training. Who will carry out? HR manager/training manager Description of training content What will the you… View Article

Casing Research

PLYWOOD Plywood is a manufactured board. It is used to case speakers. Birch-faced ply is a light coloured, high-quality plywood that colour-stains and varnishes easily. CHIPBOARD Chipboard is also a manufactured board. It is cheap and will not warp or curl. Chipboard comes in two forms, plain and woodgrain, both of which are usually coated… View Article

The importance of materiality for theories of practical reasoning

1. On the face of it an agents reasons for acting would seem to depend on (1) factors about the agent themselves; and (2) factors concerning their environment and circumstances. This has often led to a claim of pluralism: that there are incompatible views on what courses of action there are good reasons to engage… View Article

My Design

I am going to make my background yellow and orange because they’re both bright colours so the writing would stand out. I am not going to choose contrasting colours because I think contrasting colours would be more suitable for a younger audience and I am targeting the older audience. I also think contrasting colours are… View Article

Room layout

The room in which the presentation will take place must be organised specifically for my presentation as there are various factors that need to be taken into consideration, these are as follows: * Movement – If there are certain times in the presentation that I need to move into or around the room then the… View Article

Looking at Hexacone

In today’s society we are always striving to be the biggest, fastest, strongest and most importantly loudest at everything we do. Now with the invention of the composite Hexacone the latter is certain to be achieved. Many audio engineers have now decided to manufacture speaker cones out of the aforementioned Hexacone in order to reach… View Article

Aluminium Presentation

I’ve done my presentation on Aluminium and will be talking to you about its properties, where it’s found and its uses and why it’s the best material for these purposes. Aluminium. Chemical symbol Al. Atomic weight approx 27 Atomic number 13 and electronic configuration 2-8-3. Appearance- pure aluminium is a shiny silvery white material. Down… View Article

Two Successful Designers Jonathan lve and Verner Panton

In this essay I am going to write about Jonathan lve, who succeeded his imagination which made him design and produced products that is used regularly by his costumers. I will demonstrate all his products and his latest design, how he was influenced and who did he influence with his great creations. Jonathan “Jony” ive,… View Article

The Progression of the Sail Boat from Past to Present and Beyond

Abstract – Objective one Sailing has been around for a long time through history, the sailing boat has been used for trade, travel and the might of war. During the great periods in history the sailing boat has adopted more advanced technologies to dramatically improve performance. To describe this continuing change I have decided to… View Article

In my project I am using three tables

Calculate Date Due Back  Scroll through on the stock table to the desired item  The hire table displays all of that item and status etc  Change the status from available to on loan (L), select customer ID from the lookup and enter Date out  Click Calculate Date Due Back button to calculate date due back… View Article

Feasibility Study

Technical Feasibility: It is technically possible to design a script remarking system because computers can be used to sort, search and update data input using a database management system such as Microsoft Access. The current hardware of the United Kingdom Awarding Body is sufficient, as all they will need to run the system is a… View Article

Database Design

There are four main entries for this database, they are; Patients, Admission, Equipment Definition of data requirement Patient Table This is the Patient table; it stores all the information on each of the patients, like their address and contact details. Attribute Name Comments Data Type & Length Validation Patient ID Title Forename Address Town County… View Article

Uses For Polymers – my bullet proof vest design

Greetings. My name is Paulos Zerezghi and I have now invented a feature which may change the world. I have been inspired to create this due to all the wars and crimes in our world today. My creation is Full Bullet-Proof Clothing. I have combined casual clothing which may be also used for the military…. View Article