Descriptive Essay on a Scene Essay

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Descriptive Essay on a Scene

As a child there was only one place I could describe as my home away from home. That place was my grandmothers. My Mimi’s has always been the true meaning of safe haven to me. Even today, as an adult, I find myself frequenting my Mimi’s house to visit my grandparents and bask in that peaceful feeling that, as far as I am concerned, can only be found there. Specifically, when I am in my Mimi’s kitchen I am engulfed with that welcomed comfort and serenity I can find nowhere else.

The kitchen’s bar holds memories of a child sitting on it and being told all about life and the ways of the world, while the cabinets hold all kinds of cooking utensils that have been used to make food for family and fellowship, and then there is the fridge that, with all its photographs and family recipes magnetized on it, show a sense of family and tradition.

Ann Jones’, or Mimi as most call her, kitchen is not a place known by many. It is a well-kept secret among family and is a sight to behold. This space has a wooden bar that surrounds the entire room. When you look at this bar it is plain to see that it is not unique in any way, but if you look deeper than its exterior view the cuts from a knife a woman used for chopping vegetables, while she educated her granddaughter on the ways of the world, can be seen clear as day. There are deep indentions from when she would lose her concentration in her chopping by becoming so enticed with talking to her only granddaughter. To some this bar is much more than ordinary.

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In this spacious kitchen, cooking utensils can also be found all through the many different cabinets. When looking at these tools, it is plain to see that they have all been used numerous times for cooking many different meals. Sometimes used for numerous different cuisines to host large family and friendly gatherings between loves ones. Other times used to make small scratch made meals for the close family that visits as much as possible. Though all meals are made with love and secret recipes, it is those two
kinds of cooking that leaves a mark that all of these pots, pans, and other kitchen tools show.

Covering all sides of the fridge, many different pictures and recipes can be seen. It is this that gives the kitchen its sense of tradition and the warm feeling of family. The photos vary between all the people who pass by and stop for a visit. It is these people who are called family, whether they have the same blood or not. The recipes are where the tradition can be found. Some passed down for years and some newly acquired, but all have a purpose in the growing background and tradition that is being built in that very kitchen.

My Mimi’s kitchen is old-timey and is has had no new or modern updates done to it. It certainly will not be winning any awards for best décor any time soon. Though it can be seen as ordinary in some ways, my Mimi’s kitchen has a very unique atmosphere and background. It is this extraordinary background that has shaped the look and feel of this place into something that cannot be imitated or duplicated. It is truly one of a kind.

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