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Describe Scene

Cameran Highlands is accessible by road. Cameran Highlands is about a 3 hours drive either from KL or Penang Its strategic location makes it a favourite weekened escape for cityfolk/ city-dwellers from all over the coutry. It is a popular haunt for both local and foreign tourists to let their hair down. For those who are faint-heated the ride along the steep, narrow roads can be quite an unnerving experience as there are numerous hairpin bends along the route from Simpang Pulai. After about a three-hour ride in Dad’s Pajero, we finally reached Kampung Raja. We could feel the goose-pimples on our arms. We had to put on our jackets to keep ourselves warm. Standing about 1400 metres above sea level, this hill resort is certainly an ideal retreat for city dwellers like us who long to get away from scorching tropical heat. Besides, its high altitude together with its invigorating coolness will leave a person refreshed and is the ideal place for the rat-race and the hustle and bustle of city life.

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On our journey to Tanah Rata, we stopped at a scenic lake. Although the chilly weather and freezing water will make us to think twice about whether or not to don our swimming wear, we can enjoy the solitude of nature with only the swish swashing of the gurgling water to disturd us. Thus, in spite of the cold weather, my little sister, my brother and I could not resist the urge to jump into the water and splash around. Hardly a minute in the ice cold water and we were out again, teeth chattering. At Tanah rata, we checked into a motel. As soon as we had dumped our luggage in our rooms, we went out again. The street in which our motel was situated had a fine vista of a sprawling town against a backdrop of lush greenery. At that moment , We felt ravenously hungry, Hence, we settled for a sumptuous meal of nasi kandar.

Undeniably, the number of eateries that have sprung up is indeed alarming. Satiated, we turned in for the night. We put on the appropriate gear and headed for Gunung Beremban for an hour of jungle-trekking. Hikers will certainly enjoy traversing the jungle paths, for they are well-maintained and easy to follow. If you find the jungle trails a little monotonous, the blossoms of brightly coloured wild flowers along the way will provide an interesting diversion. My mother, who is extremely afraid of heights, was soon down on all fours, not daring to look down and yelling at the top of her voice. It was such a rib-tickling sight. Our next destination was a tea plantation.

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