Depreciation Essay Topics

Training Phase

Depreciation, in accounting is the process of allocating in a systematic and rational manner the cost of a capital asset over the period of its useful life (Depreciation, 2006). Straight-line is a depreciation method in which the rate of depreciation is constant for the entire working life of the capital assets. Office equipment is an… View Article

Investment Banking Interview

Standard Questions: 1. Walk me through the highlights of your resume. What is your story, walk through the decisions you have made, and how that relates to your current interest in Investment Banking.. 2. Why investment banking? Why our bank? 3. How do you value a company? 4. To what extent have you created and… View Article

Why Profit Does Not Equal Cash

Why is profit not equal to cash coming in? Some differences such as loans received which do not impact the profit and loss statement are pretty obvious. Others may not be as obvious but you can break them down into three main areas: – Revenue is booked at sale. In many cases a sale is… View Article

Adjusting Entries – Examples

Let’s work with some examples. We are working with a one year accounting period that ends on 12/31/X2. Let’s use a three step process. Step 1 – Analyze the transaction. Step 2 – Record in the journal. Step 3 – Post to the ledger. Example 1: On 12/31/X2 (before the adjusting process), Supplies, an asset,… View Article

Depreciation and Cost

1. The primary cause of the current system to fail is the use of a single burden rate. Burden costs of the testing rooms as well as other costs such as admin were grouped into a single cost pool and then divided by the total labor dollars. This resulted to a single burden rate of… View Article

Pressco Case Study

In reviewing the proposal presented by Pressco, Inc. to provide new mechanical drying equipment at a cost of $2.9 million I have considered the cash flow implications of the purchase in terms of present value of the investment and estimated resulting savings, as well as possible alternatives to purchase, and the current political climate as… View Article

Groupe Ariel S.A.

Abstract Groupe Ariel is a company that manufactures and sells printers, copiers and other document production equipment. The case focuses on an investment project in the company’s Mexican subsidiary that would expand operations into a new market, something it been slow to do in the past. Groupe Ariel believes its products have better durability for… View Article

Ocean Carriers Case Study Solution

Executive Summary Given the current and expected market conditions, the financial department of the Ocean Carriers Group is to evaluate the potential revenues and expenses of commissioning a new capsize ship for cargo transportation in order to meet a received demand for lease. A recommended approach would consist in analyzing the expectations for the world… View Article

While evaluating Apollo Shoes

While evaluating Apollo Shoes, there are some areas of concern that are potential fraudschemes. The fraud can lead to the entire collapse/demise of the company if not corrected.These will also affect the share value and investor confidence. An overview of the process of investigation along with recommendations for the company.As with any company, revenue recognition… View Article

Interco Case

Interco On August 8, 1988, Interco’s board of directors met to discuss, among other matters, a merger proposal from City Capital Associates Limited Partnership. City Capital had offered $64 per common share of Interco on July 28, 1988, and had raised that offer to $70 per share on the morning of August 8. At this… View Article

Tax Issues

Prepare a three-page memo (at least 900-1,500 words per page) to John and Jane Smith addressing the issues presented: 1. John Smith tax issues: a. How is the $300,000 treated for purposes of federal tax income? b. How is the $25,000 treated for purposes of federal tax income? c. What is your determination regarding reducing… View Article

Financial Data Analysis

Financial Data Analysis Since 1975, Patton Fuller Community Hospital (PFCH) has been serving the people of the Kelsey and the surrounding communities. PFCH is a for-profit organization and is owned by physician active within the facility. Owned by the physicians active at the hospital, the organization is governed by a 14 member board of directors,… View Article

East Coast Yachts cash flows

When looking at a statement of cash flow it’s essential to find out what resources are being used under the operations category. As our text states, operating cash flow is really the cash flow generated by business activities, including sales of goods and services. Under this category organizations can also calculate tax payments, but not… View Article

Advantages and Disadvantages of Historical Cost Accounting

Historical cost accounting has been a controversial method that experienced many criticisms over a period of time, especially since it considers the acquisition cost of an asset and does not recognize the current market value. Merits and demerits of this method are as follows. The most obvious advantage of HC accounting is objectivity. It is… View Article

Capital Budgeting Methods and Cash

In the early 1990s, the farm economy in the heartland of the United States was weak. Farmers in North Dakota produced hard, amber Durham wheat and exported 75% to Italy for the production of high quality pasta. Prices for raw wheat fluctuated radically, depending on weather and growing conditions. Many farmers were having difficulty meeting… View Article