Department Essay Topics

Corus Departments

The marketing department do everything, from putting the brochures together for market research, to understanding precisely what the competitors are doing e. g. understanding how big the demand for steel is, or how big the threat from competitive material. Communication is also extremely important: if the other departments don’t work efficiently, then the marketing department… View Article

Marketing Department

Carphone Warehouse relies on this functional area as it has a big affect on the business. This department involves advertising, designing and researching products in order to identify and meet the needs of the customers; with the use of marketing mix which consist of four Ps. The definition of the four Ps is Price, place,… View Article

Department of Employment

An increase in part time employment has been in the Retail and tertiary sectors. A survey carried out by the  suggested that 77% of workers in nightclubs, bars and public houses were part time workers, 65% of food retail workers were part time employees and 57% of restaurant workers were part time employees. The split… View Article

Science Department

Every student has unique study techniques and strategies that fit him or her. Studying at night might be suitable for one student but not for all. Theories are major components in education. Many years have pass and I’m still open for another approach in learning for the betterment of my education. Spoon feeding might be… View Article

Oarland City Jail Closure Illustrates Naive Leadership

The primary job of a city government is to ensure public safety for all its dwellers and visitors. However, the city council has refused to meet or acknowledge this critical and prime responsibility. Instead, it hands subsidies to favored developers. And swelling redevelopment empire, likewise, smothers day-to-day city services. The City of Oakland California jail… View Article

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development maintains a website with a section dedicated to the Public Housing Environmental & Conservation Clearinghouse. The website defines water conservation as a term that “refers to reducing use of fresh water, through technological or social methods. ” In order to encourage water conservation, the site provides a… View Article

The Virginia Department

The Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice is the state agency responsible for handling juveniles in the state of Virginia. This department operates a number of group homes (22), detention centers (24), and correctional centers (5). The Beaumont Juvenile Correctional Center is capable of housing and providing services for 264 males to the age of 21…. View Article

Ladder 49 vs. the Real Fire Department

Ladder 49 is a firefighter movie which gives us a better picture of the real deal in firefighting. Several facets are shown in the movie which takes us to the more intimate level of the lives of firefighters where they do their job, and the personal lives they have that are entirely affected by their… View Article

Francisco Goya’s Third of May

Francisco Goya’s ‘The third of May’ was an 1814 painting of Francisco de Goya depicting the execution of the Spanish citizenry resulting from the fighting in the Puerto del Sol area of Madrid. Don Gray in his article Art Essays, Art Criticism & Poems pointed out that, the subject of the painting is the dreadfulness… View Article

Hefty Hardware

After reading Hefty hardware case study, I came up with the following analysis for this case: It is very clear that there is communication issues between the business and IT, there is no connection between the IT department and other business departments. To build good relationship between the IT Department and the Business department, the… View Article

Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet

Known as a minimalist and experimental composer, Richard Gavin Bryars unleashed an emotionally intimate constructed piece out from a lone old vagrant singing, Jesus’ blood never failed me yet, this one thing I know, for he loves me so… Originally recorded from footage of a documentary by his friend Alan Power in 1971 (Grimshaw), this… View Article

Financial worksheet assignment

Controlling When a financial manager makes sure that every department in the organization is following the plans that have been set. When viewing feedback reports from 8 months ago in comparison to those written 2 weeks ago week the manager was able to see that more money was being spent on man hours in her… View Article

Washington Department

In the United States, the Sheriff is usually the highest law enforcement officer in a county. His position is won over an election to serve as a police leader in the county. His subordinates who are also law enforcers are called “Deputy Sheriffs” which means that they are deputized by the sheriff to perform functions… View Article

Department of Homeland Security

Returning from a vacation to Germany in February, freelance journalist Bill Hogan was selected for additional screening by customs officials at Dulles International Airport outside Washington. Agents searched his luggage, he said, “then they told me that they were impounding my laptop. ” Shaken by the encounter, Hogan examined his bags and found the agents… View Article

Leaders and tempting situations

This book by Ira Chaleff explores and analyzes the role of a follower. Too many a time leadership has been highlighted but this book uniquely shifts its focus to the follower. The author argues that following is often stigmatized, it is often perceived as docility, weakness or the failure to excel. This handbook shows that… View Article