Democratic Party Essay Topics

History of the Democratic Party

The Democratic Party is one of the two major political parties in the United States. When this party makes political decisions, the Democratic Party followed a very liberal viewpoint. The Democratic Party is one of the oldest official political parties in the world and it is the oldest official political party in the United States…. View Article

Federalists vs Democratic Republicans Essay

From the beginning of the formation of a republic in the United States, many people feared the creation of factious voting blocks which would impose the will of a vocal minority on the majority of the people. Despite steps to avoid this, two political parties did form after George Washington stated that he would not… View Article

The New Deal and Its Triumph

The New Deal and it’s Triumph The 1930’s were a time of despair, poverty and distress and those who lived during this time believed it would be better to die, than to continue to live this way. When Franklin D. Roosevelt came into office in 1932, the United States was in the most disconsolate moments… View Article

Back to school event

Back to school event Education is important for everyone in the society. Education ensures the future for young and old, and also the future society. The talk about education is also very relevant on the politically agenda, not only in America, but also in Denmark. Education is nearly always a priority on the agenda. And… View Article

Obama Vs. Clinton

The Affordable Health Care Act is a very in-depth process. The changes to the health care system were attempted to be passed in prior years by Bill Clinton. However, it failed at this time and was implemented in the United States by the current president Barack Obama. The Congress diversity of Democrats vs. Republican’s was… View Article

Pink Dear Mr President

The audience intended for the song is the United States President George W. Bush. Pink stated it was written as an open letter to the president, one of the most important songs she had ever written and was not to be seen as a song just for attention. This song voices many problems occurring in… View Article

George Tenet and and the Last Great Days of the Cia

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is an independent United States Government agency who are responsible for providing national security intelligence to senior United States policymakers (CIA,2007). Since the 1960’s and World War II, foreign intelligence has been important to the United States since the days of President George Washington, that such efforts have been coordinated… View Article

The Second Amendment Research

Your topic: The Second Amendment Fill in the list of resources relating to the topic you selected. Two sources have been provided for you to assist in your research. Explore the provided sources and add sources from your own research. Use your Research Process Notes from this lesson if you need help remembering the research… View Article