Demand Essay Topics

Household Behavior and Demand

Household behavior is one of the any basic concepts in economics which has an effect on market trends. Household demand, for instance, can be seen as related to consumer choices in terms of which products are mostly bought in the market and which products need more supplies in terms of item production and its corresponding… View Article

Appropriate demand function

Appropriate demand function for money balance is an issue that has brought great controversy among economists across the globe. However the whole controversy has over and over rotated around three major empirical problems. First, is the question of whether one should include time or savings deposits in money? Second is on what is the right… View Article

“Ocean Carriers” Case

Assume that Ocean Carriers uses a 9% discount rate. 1) Do you expect daily spot hire rates to increase or decrease next year? (5 points) 2) What factors drive daily hire rates? (5 points) 3) How would you characterize the long-term prospects of the capesize dry bulk industry? (10 points) 4) Should Ms Linn purchase… View Article

Price Elasticity of Demand

Supply and demand plays a vital role in the economy. Price is the central determinant of both the demand and supply, for example the higher the price of a good or a service the less the product is demanded. In circumstance where the price goes down, demand increases. The response of price and quantity demanded… View Article

Demand and Supply

Demand is defined as the amount of goods and services that buyers need in the market. The law of demand states that the higher the price of goods or services in the market the lower the demand when all factors are kept constant. Under natural condition, buyers will buy that product whose price will not… View Article

Increase and a decrease in supply and demand

A free market economy is an idealized form of a market economy in which buyers and sellers are permitted to carry out transactions based solely on mutual agreement without interventionism in the form of taxes, subsidies, regulation of government provision of goods and services. In this type of economy, all decisions are made by individuals… View Article

Cross elasticity of demand

A. Discuss elasticity of demand as it pertains to elastic, unit, and inelastic demand. Elasticity of demand is gauged by the percentage of change in demand when the price of an item varies. If the change in the quantity demanded is greater than 1 the demand is elastic. Elasticity of demand is calculated by ED=quantity… View Article

Multiplier and Accelerator Theory

Multiplier and accelerator theory The Keynesians, have offered a demand side explanation of the business cycle. According to them, the fluctuations in output and employment in the country are caused by fluctuations in aggregate demand. The ups and downs in aggregate demand are caused by changes in the volume of investment. The volume of investment… View Article