Dell Essay Topics

Interim report

The company selected for analysis is Dell Computer Sales. The main facility is located in Austin, Texas. The manager selected for the interview is Rita Fae, who manages a team of approximately twelve persons continuously, although the number does fluctuate with seasonal changes and turnover rates. Dell Computers is an international computer sales and assembly… View Article

By Margaret Craven

This book is an inspiring experience to read is somewhat of an understatement. Though a very small book in terms of novels lately, this work is complete and in depth enough that nothing is left lacking. A young vicar, Mark Brian accepts an assignment to a remote Indian village in the Pacific Northwest of British… View Article

Dell Computer Corporation Performance Metrics

Every component of a corporate sustainability model should be associated with performance indicators such as inputs, processes, outputs, and outcomes. By determining the appropriate performance measures needed for each component of the sustainability model, companies can evaluate the performance and financial benefits of the sustainability initiatives. Dell Computer Corporation knew that balance is especially important… View Article

Segmentation of Dell

Segmentation is dividing a market into a smaller groups that shared similar needs, wants, characteristics, and behaviours towards the goods and services. (reference). The market segmentation is a must and important to the all oraganizations. This is because each customers have different needs and wants, so that by segment the market, the organization can identify… View Article

Supply Chain Management of Hewlett Packard and Dell Inc.

Executive Summary Creating and maintaining a successful supply chain within a business can prove to be one of the largest challenges in developing a successful foundation. Learning the processes involved and understanding the approaches necessary to achieve success can be lessons studied over a life time; the possible growth and accomplishments can most certainly be… View Article

Dell 4p’s of the Marketing Mix

Introduction of Dell Inc. Dell Inc. is a multinational technology corporation that develops, manufactures, sells, and supports personal computer and other computer related-products. Dell Inc. based in Round Rock, Texas. Dell Inc. employs more than 82,700 people worldwide. Dell Inc. grew during the 1980s and 1990s to become (for a time) the largest seller of… View Article

Dell Computer Corporation – Share Repurchase Program

1. Why do companies use stock options to compensate employees? What are the advantages of stock options relative to cash compensation? What, if any, are their disadvantages? 2. What, if any, risks do Dell’s shareholders face from Dell’s stock option program? Draw terminal payoff diagrams to illustrate the risk. Is this risk something that shareholders… View Article

Organizational Culture at Dell

The topic that is selected for discussion is organizational culture and how organizations implement this characteristic. The organization that is selected for discussion is Dell computers. The reason for choosing organizational culture is that organizations are getting bigger and stronger and they are expanding their horizon by implementing new and modernized strategies. They are changing… View Article

Discuss Dell’s laptops

Dell is a company that operates in many diversified products and their categories but in this paper we would only discuss Dell’s laptops. We will focus on the laptops that Dell manufactures and how the distribution works. Basically Dell offers its customers to buy the laptops directly from the Dell’s outlet, Dell’s website or from… View Article

US Publicly Traded Companies

Analysis of Dell Corporation and how it’s Stock Can Be a Prospective Investment Company overview Dell is a Delaware company that was founded in 1984 by Michael Dell who currently is the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The company started as PC’S Limited with a capital of $ 1000. The founder had a vision to… View Article

Forecasting Techniques

The objective of this assignment is to investigate different business forecasting methods, and demonstrate the benefits of their use for a specific organization. We have learned that demand forecasting invokes the processes of determining exactly what service/products are needed, in what quantity, and in what amount of time. Organizations that are able to implement effective… View Article

Environmental Analysis of Dell Organization

Dell’s external environment identifies all the current conditions and forces that affect its strategic options and define its competitive situation. It consists of three main sectors: the Remote Environment, the Industry Environment, and the Operating Environment. All of these environmental sectors affect the firm’s operations both on an international and domestic level. Remote Environment In… View Article

SWOT Analysis on Dell Business Model

Strength 1) Dell’s Direct Business Model which consist of the five principles: Most efficient path to the customer – through direct relationship with no intermediaries to add cost and confusion Single Point of accountability – so that resources necessary to meet customer needs can be easily marshaled in support of complex challenges. Build-to-Order – provide… View Article

Description of Proposed Network

Our proposal includes the development of a LAN able to meet the requirements of your company’s software. The computer network components include the use of a server, a switch, patch panel, and a router for the office. The selected NOS (Network Operating System) is Windows 2000 Server. This operating system provides great conveniences to the… View Article

Strategic Marketing Management of Dell

In 1984, at the age of 19, Michael Dell founded Dell Computer with a simple vision and business concept–that personal computers could be built to order and sold directly to customers. Michael Dell believed his approach to PC manufacturing had two advantages: (1) bypassing distributors and retail dealers eliminated the markups of resellers, and (2)… View Article