Decisions Essay Topics

Ethical Decisions

Irregardless or our differences, one thing that is general to all men is that we all have to make a decision at one point or the other. We are always faced with situations that call for us making a choice among alternative actions. Oftentimes, there are several alternatives before us and we have to make… View Article

Personal Values Development

In each and every day of an individual’s life he or she has to face various kinds of decisions. He or she has to make simple choices like the clothes to wear for a particular day or the right food to eat. There are also crucial and important decisions that can change his or her… View Article

Framing Decisions

Millhouse on his situation came up with his conclusion upon relying on the structure contained by how the selling was presented to him. No matter how, it is possible that Millhouse had been into a great deal of confusion when he was deciding. It was present in his mind that the company is in need… View Article

Field And Historical Reseacrch: Individual Reflection

There reaches a stage in the life of an individual whereby choices and decisions concerning what must be done are decided and it is usually not an easy task. The answer is only achieved through an in-depth look within themselves. Reflection of the most important values and what they perceive will make them happy as… View Article

Bias Towards Fathers in Children Custody Decisions

Deciding over children custody has always been a divisive, if not an emotionally laden issue. In most cases however, it is not surprising to see that most court decisions tend to award custody disputes in favor of mothers. At first glance, it may seem that court judges see mothers as naturally better parents. And there… View Article