Death poem Essay Topics

Wordsworth’s poem

The poet was very young when he saw the killing and trapping and shooting to innocent animals. Therefore he is describing his childhood, by using words that children use, for example ” soft paws scraping like mad “. He describes himself as frightened and sad as he saw them dieing. He was disgusted with the… View Article

Analysis of the poem

The poem Originally by Carol Ann Duffy talks about the issue of culture identity. The poem talks about change, memories, and anxiety which occurs when moving. This is conveyed through the experiences of a young girl in the poem who is reluctant to leave what she knows behind. This is made apparent through the theme… View Article

Poem of William Caslos William

William Carlos Williams is a pioneer who creates a whole new realm in American poetry. He is regarded as an important and influential poet because of his unique and usually plain style. The poem “Poem” is one of the most prominent poems reflecting Williams’ style of writing. In this piece of work, Williams discusses a… View Article

The Role of Myanmar Poems in Environmental Conservation

I would first like to express my thanks to the organizers of the Irrawaddy Literature Festival for this opportunity to discuss my “view on the significant role of Myanmar traditional Literature and culture in environmental conservation and sustainable development”. The topic I have chosen is on how Myanmar traditional poems can contribute towards environmental conservation… View Article

The poetry of rizal

Jose Rizal is the Philippines’ national hero. He was an amazing polymath. One of the fields he excelled in is poetry. While other poets wrote out of sheer creativity, Rizal wrote mostly out of fervor for his motherland. Many other poets write or wrote for the fame or to please a patron. He always wrote… View Article

My last farewell

My Last Farewell (Mi Ultimo Adios) Farewell, dear fatherland, clime the sun caress’d, Peal of the Orient seas, our Eden lost! Gladly now I go to give thee this faded life’s best, And were it brighter, fresher, or more blest, Still would I give three, not count the cost. On the field of battle, ‘mid… View Article