Death Essay Topics

The tragedy of an ordinary man

  There are many scenes that back up the idea of him being a tragic figure. For example, on page 60 when Howard talks to Willy about his new camera. HOWARD: “… I’m gonna take my camera and my bandsaw, and all my hobbies, and out they go. This is the most fascinating relaxation I’ve… View Article

The god of small Things?

Ammu plays a pivotal role in the novel and is presented as the original transgressor. She is the twins mother and also a daughter, niece, sister, wife and lover. Ammu’s story represents the main themes in the novel; through her character the reader is able to experience not just the cruelty and injustice of her… View Article

Eva’s death

Also at the beginning of the play, Mr and Mrs. Birling come across as a well-off couple who are very well educated and in the public eye a lot when Mr Birling says to Gerald, “I could be in line for a knighthood, providing nothing goes wrong.” This means that if a scandal is linked… View Article

Eddie’s death

In a view from the bridge, the theme of justice is consistent throughout, particularly at the end. The five main points I am going to talk about in this essay are Alfieri and his monologues, Eddie phoning immigration on the cousins, Marco’s hatred towards Eddie at the end of the play, leading swiftly on to… View Article

Come a-knocking on Death’s door

The Ode is used as a poetic form for philosophical contemplation. Compare two odes by Keats in the light of this observation How much do you agree with the statement: John Keats was unfortunate in his upbringing to some extent? On one hand there was a chance for a budding surgeon but he gave that… View Article

The death penalty

During act1 the play starts were a group of people in Salem go dancing in the woods with a slave woman called Tituba, Reverrand Parris sees this but is spotted doing so, the girls run away. The next day reverrand Parris is beside Betty who is ill, the doctor suspects the girl has been taken over… View Article

Who or what is to blame for Eddie’s death in A view from the bridge

Throughout this essay I will try to discover who or what is to blame for Eddies death. There are many possible answers, for instance; Eddie betraying Marco and Rodolpho, Marco’s honour, Eddie’s feelings for Catherine and the law being unable to intervene and many more. The question at a glance looks like it could be… View Article

Tension in the ‘Death of a Salesman’

In this essay I will be analysing the moments of tension in ‘Death of a Salesman’. According to the dictionary tension is a feeling of anxiety or nervousness about something that has happened; I say its when the air is so thick with unspoken things that you could cut the air with a knife. In act… View Article

Death and its effects

There is a certain sequence to life. We are born, we die and the part in the middle is called life. Everyone must die and every religion in the world seems to have a belief about what happens after death. We can die at any age be it by accident, illness, disease or old age…. View Article

Death and What Next?

A living human can only be one hundred percent sure of one thing, that is that there is life on Earth. Although there is believed to be an afterlife some people may think that the idea of an afterlife has been made up to make people feel easier about death. In a way I believe… View Article

Ozymandias and Death the Leveller

“Death is a leveller”, this statement implies that death makes everyone equal or ‘level’. In the poems, “Ozymandias” by Percy Bysshe Shelley and “Death the Leveller” by James Shirley, they each portray this in similar ways. Each refer to this statement by using the notion of a powerful figure, who would seem to be ‘invincible’,… View Article

Death of a Salesman

Arthur Miller clearly adopted the approach of a classical Greek tragedy by asserting that Willy Loman is ‘as appropriate as a subject for tragedy as Kings are’. Miller portrays Willy as a hardworking man struggling to reach the intangible American dream by challenging Aristotelian convention and by using time as a structural motif to successfully… View Article

The Nancy Cruzan Case

The Nancy Cruzan case (Cruzan, represented by her parents and co-guardians represented by her parents and co-guardians v. Director, Missouri Department of Health 110S.CT. 2841110S.CT. 2841) was heard on June 25, 1990 at the United States Supreme Court (497 U.S. 261).  The petitioner, Nancy Beth Cruzan was a patient that suffered serious injuries from a… View Article

Socio-Political Evidences Of His Controversial Death

United States President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on Friday November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas, at 12:30 PM Central time. He was on a campaign and support trip through Texas in anticipation of the upcoming 1964 presidential election. Kennedy was fatally wounded by multiple gunshots while riding in an open-top automobile. Texas Governor John… View Article


Death, to many who believe in reincarnation is passing into another life. The quality of this life could be well dependent on the, “karma” or the deeds that one has carried out in previous birth. Death thus need not be the end of life but just a new beginning. Reincarnation is generally thought to be… View Article