Database Essay Topics

Designing a database for a supermarket

1,1 The problem and how I discovered it- I discovered the problem when I was buying in this standard supermarket and I saw that some of the products where expired and were stale. I also noticed that some of the buyers or consumers were taking this product without knowing the consequences of them on their… View Article

The Creation and Manipulation of Databases

Identification Mr. Amir Khan has begun his own weekend tuition along with his partner Mrs. Cassie Williams. The tuition is called Amir’s Saturday Tuition and is for GCSE students between the ages of 14-16 of all abilities who wish to learn Mathematics, Sciences, English Literature and English Language. The tuition will run between 11am to… View Article

ICT – Making a Database of Used Cars

For my coursework, I am going to be making a database of used cars. The database is to help customers and staff to see what cars are available and specific information about them. Having a database file of the cars will prove beneficial to the staff as it would take less energy, time and money… View Article

Access Database

Problem: Create a computerised relational database using Microsoft Access for a library close by because the library has too many papers and lose many of them, so they want a database that solves all their problems. Users: The Librarian will be going to use the database, and the assistance will also use it, the assistance… View Article

The final database

This is a form putting all the information into one form where buttons can be clicked to perform a specific query. In this case “number of Bedrooms” will have to be clicked and then “3” will have to be entered to activate the same query as the previous one. Another query can be neatly displayed in… View Article

VHD Tools Case

1. Purpose of VHD Tools The VHD tools database was constructed to aid the staff in their daily duties. Before the database, all operations such as invoices and receipts were carried out manually. With the introduction of this database, receipts and invoices are printed out automatically with minimum user intervention. In addition to receipts and… View Article

Online Student Information System

Basically a manual-based information system is one that does not rely on any computerized systems and a computer-based information system does. A manual-based system will see information recorded and kept in different ways such as in files in paper form. A manual-based information system is generally considered to be cheaper than a computer-based system however… View Article

Hierarchical database

Word processor is the most common computer program or software that enables you to perform several word processing functions and it enable us to create a document. Microsoft office is a computer program or software that can be used to create different types of documents which can then be printed as a hardcopy. The main… View Article

System Analysis and Design of an Equipment Tracking Database

BG Group has been active in the energy sector in Trinidad & Tobago since 1989 and established an office in the country in 1994. Currently the company’s office is located at 5 St. Clair Avenue, St. Clair, Port-of-Spain. Today, BG Trinidad and Tobago (BG T&T) is one of the Group’s core operational areas and is… View Article

Database Management Systems

While the database management system terminology has become widespread in India, there is a vast space for the adoption of the systems. The market potential still has a significant amount of spread to increase market share. A computer database is a repository of structured data or information and a database management system is a collection… View Article

Different Types of Database Management System

A database can be a set of flat files stored on computer tape or disk or it could consist of database tables that are managed by a Database Management System (DBMS). There are different types of DBMS products: relational, network and hierarchical, multidimensional, object. The most widely commonly used type of DBMS today is the… View Article

Use of database

Computer technology has given many precious gifts to mankind. One of them is the database technology. It has made administration, trade and commerce very easy, precise and fast. Operations which used to take long time, and were still full of errors, are now managed in few seconds, and are cent percent free of errors. At… View Article

Database Applications Used in Our Organization

Our company has really advanced in terms of database management. Initially, they were using Microsoft Access database application soft but recently they introduced Oracle database application. This change has been brought about by the economic growth in the country which has in turn seen our organization grow significantly. Microsoft Access database application is the commonest… View Article

Inventory System

2.1 Introduction Inventory theory (or more formally the mathematical theory of inventory and production) is the sub-specialty within operations research that is concerned with the design of production/inventory systems to minimize costs. It studies the decisions faced by firms and the military in connection with manufacturing, warehousing, supply chains, spare part allocation and so on;… View Article

Barangay Management System

Introduction Barangay Record Management System is an advance and automated process of managing a barangay, to let go the manual process in the usual barangay hall such as, hand written documents, keeping records inside the drawer that tends to lose some records. It is automated in such way that all records and transactions that the… View Article