Data Essay Topics

ICT Coursework

Mellor Village is an area that only has three doctors who all work individually in the same community. I am their ICT system analyst to help them through the process of creating a better organised health centre. This medical centre will be named ”Mellor Village Health Centre” and will have new logo and slogan and… View Article

Inputting Data – Changing information

Changing information Having well organised data will always lead to a higher level accuracy when being used by a human operator. When it is easy to see what data values are stored under there corresponding fields there is a much reduced risk of a human user accidentally entering incorrect data, or data into the wrong… View Article

Data Manipulation

The tables required in the system will be Customer, Products, Staff and salary. The individual fields in each table will be as follows: CUSTOMER (CustomerID, Surname, FirstName and customer address) PRODUCTS (ProductID, Title, Description, Type and Amount) STAFF (StaffID, Name, address and contact number) STAFF SALARY (wages per hour, hours per day and days per… View Article

Input and Output Report

Field Names Customer ID (the unique reference number given to any customer that has travelled with First Travel) <<Customer_ ID>> Title (the title of the customer e.g. Mr, Mrs etc. I have done this in a drop down menu so that no other text can be given) <<Title>> Customer First Name (the first name of… View Article

ICT Notes Case

Whenever personal details or other private information is stored about people, it is regulated by the data Protection Act and organisations storing such information must register with the data protection bureau. It gives rights to data subjects (i.e. in this case the patients who have specific data about themselves stored on the health centre system)…. View Article

Data description

The next step of the analysis is to compare the rank order of the relative true factor endowments in Table 1, to the rank order of the trade-revealed factor endowments in Table 2. Comparing these rank orders shows that both rank orders are identical, except that the rankings of land and un-skilled labour are switched…. View Article

Creating a new database for Auto nation PLC.

Identifying the problem I am Mr. RM Green the business consultant for a company named Auto Nation PLC. The company Auto nation PLC offers a service to the public where they find cars to meet customer’s individual requirements, which are local. So that Auto nation plc meets this aim auto nation have records on cars… View Article

Different Ways of Data Capture

1. Document Reading Methods – The document is in computer readable format. e.g bar code this is input into computer and data is read from it 2. Sensing Methods – Special sensors are used to obtain data which is transmitted to a comp. e.g Traffic lights/automatic weather stations. Different ways of data capture are: 1.KEYBOARD… View Article

Data Capture Form

I had to find the best way to get data into the database because I wanted to turn information into data on the computers. To successfully capture data I must follow a two-part process. > The information has to be obtained. Information has to be recorded, and then converted into a form suitable for use… View Article

ICT Analysis Case

For my ICT Coursework I am doing a data handling project based on a newly opened restaurant. This restaurant is called Fusion and it was opened on July 7th 2007. Fusion is located in Dubai on the Sheikh Zayed Road. The Manager is Mr. Hashmi. He has asked me to help him out with the… View Article

Analysis of data handling

To get an improved understanding of the problems faced in an online retail data handling system I am going to conduct a questionnaire and gain data from some data capture forms. After gaining information from my questionnaire and data capture forms I now have a clear understanding of how a data handling system is implemented… View Article

United Kingdom Awarding Body

The system needed to be able to produce hard copies of the following: * A daily list of any re-marks completed where a mark change has affected the grade; * A daily list of any re-marks still outstanding, i.e. that have not been completed within a three-week period; * A list of re-marks that have… View Article

Documentation for the End-user

The Database is used to simply store all the relevant Employee’s details which would be good use to the Managers of Somerfield Stores Ltd. It is stored as a computerized Database to enable quick search times, easy access to needed data, good organization and easy out put as you can simply view the Data on… View Article

Data analytics

Data analytics is a method used by organizations to gain competitive advantage over other companies in their specific market. It is a scientific process of mining and analyzing the database gathered by organizations about their customers and their products in order to generate more profit or to build the marketing strategy of the company (Loveman,… View Article

Statistical Learning and Data Mining

Overview: Efficient asset allocation through statistical learning methods and comparison of methods for the creation of an index tracking ETF (Exchange traded fund) Datasets: The datasets are chosen from the website of the book “Statistics and Data Analysis for Financial Engineering” by David Ruppert. The book is mentioned as one of the references for this… View Article