Czech Essay Topics

Mary Shelley’s novel

There are few writers in world literature whose heroes have become common names and are used in the every day life of people from different cultures. Among the limited number of such lucky creators is Mary Shelley who has written at quite a young age in 1818 her everlasting “Frankenstein”. Despite this fact the novel… View Article

Czech Surnames

One of the countries last to adopt the surname system is Mongolia. The country is known for its nomadic culture. People grouped themselves according to their herds but with globalization and urbanization, they had to develop a better name system. Therefore, it was only in 1997 when a law was passed for everyone to have… View Article

Czech Literature

1. Characterize the main defining points of Czech pre 19th century history. Czech literature encompasses the provinces of Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia. The Czech literature is divided into many periods, the Middle Ages, the Hussite Period, the Baroque period and the enlightenment that ushered in the 19th century Czech literature. Czech literature is unusually tri-lingual,… View Article

Czech Beer

Czech Republic, in 2004, was announced as the highest beer consuming country per capita in the world, consuming approximately 248 standard 633-milliliter bottles, for a total of 1,878 kiloliters and 156. 9 liters per capita volume, according to a report by the Kirin Research Institute of Drinking and Lifestyle (2005). Not only this, the country… View Article

Country Profile: Czech Republic

It is very important for any student of history and politics of nations to have a deep grasp and understanding of the political, historical, social, economic and structural revolution of nations. This is very important for them to be able to produce an accurate analysis and recommendation of policies. No one will be able come… View Article