Cyberspace Essay Topics

What Adolescents Miss When We Let Them Grow Up In Cyberspace

There is an argument ongoing about how the children of today are seemingly missing out on real life experiences because of the emergence of a virtual social circle via cyberspace. In his essay “What Adolescents Miss When We Let Them Grow Up In Cyberspace”, author Brent Staples argues that teenagers who spend their time in… View Article

Trespassing In Cyberspace

Introduction This paper will focus on one of the most contentious issues in cyberlaw, such as trespassing in cyberspace. While the issue of trespass as a sort of offense against a person or against property is carefully regulated in the majority of jurisdiction, the question whether trespass as a phenomenon can actually exist in cyberspace… View Article

Languages in Cyberspace

Governments have encourage industrial farming and non-organic meat production to improve the crop yield and revenues. However, studies have shown the side effects and health hazards of industrial farming and meat processing. A distinct cultivation of a health-conscious culture became apparent as time goes by which resulted to an increase in sales of organic vegetables… View Article

Anti War Activism in the World of Cyberspace & Beyond

The group this study examines is an anti war group, called IVAW or Iraq Veterans Against the War (http://www. ivaw. org) initially organized by veterans of the Iraq War in 2004, one year after the start of the war in Iraq, and have expanded their mission to opposing the conflict in Afghanistan. This is clearly… View Article

Cyberspace and Real space

The relationship between the cyberspace and the real-space cannot be visualized only by indicating link between spaces. Synthetic space is the one in which we live in. This new image can help us understand the in-depth idea of the internet common culture. Everyday millions of people from around the world started changing different concepts such… View Article

Cyberspace and real Space

The real space is a backdrop where human entities are controlled by the sovereign codes or constitution of the land based on particular demographics. For instance, people need to have passports for them to be legitimate to drive vehicles; they also need passports with visa stamps for them to be able to roam about in… View Article

Cyberspace and War

Reading the highly interesting essay entitled “Navigating the Cyberspaces of Virtual War” presents to us the reasons why movies like The Terminator movie series are no longer works of fiction as written by an over active imagination. The reality is that science and computer technology have reached that point in the evolution of the systems… View Article

Cyberspace Gambling

Gambling has turn out to be so much a part of American life that gambling opportunities can be found on land, over water, in the air, as well as even in cyberspace. Whereas the millions wagered electronically in 1998 pale in comparison to the billions officially wagered in casinos, lotteries, plus parimutuel venues, it emerges… View Article