Cyber Essay Topics

Introduction to Cryptography

Q1. Which tool or technique from the above list would be most effective for a cryptanalyst to use to decipher a text encrypted with the Caesar cipher, and why? The Caesar cipher is a substitution cipher that substitutes one character for another and shifting the alphabet by a determined number of spaces. This type of… View Article

Cyber Crime Research Paper

Can anyone who uses a computer be a victim to cybercrime? Yes, anyone who uses a computer has a chance of being a victim of cybercrime. Cybercrime has become a big issue in today’s society. Cybercrime is defined as crimes committed on the internet using a computer as either a tool or a targeted victim(Razali)…. View Article

Cyber Victimization

All the positive aspects of the internet and the positive changes it has brought in the daily lives of people across the world, would belittle the negative aspects that have come with it. Cyber victimization which is the most disturbing vice in the information highway is a major concern all over the globe. Cyber victimization… View Article

Logic bombs

With the advent of information communication technology which has greatly helped in solving uncountable problems in all domains of human life all over the world, it has also come with its problems. Globally, the term cyber crime has gained unimaginable popularity because of its harm to all segments of human life. Cyber crime has not… View Article

Cyber law

The problem of identity theft has become one of the fastest emerging phenomenal crimes in America and has inevitably been increasing exponentially worldwide (McDonald, 2006). It is a fraudulent act of acquiring the legally certified personal identifiers and other personal information essential to carry out impersonation to obtain merchandises, services and crimes (McDonald, 2006). And… View Article

Cyber security threats

Cyber threats are constantly evolving thus increasing the need to hedge and tighten the security measures to ensure that one is protected while using the cyber space. Cyber threats are made more complex especially due to the increasing globalization and use of cyber space in most of the parts in the world. This has caused… View Article

Cyber crime

The proliferation of the use of internet technology for some time now has seen the growth of crimes that are committed over the net which is also referred to as the cyberspace. These crimes are referred to as cyber-crime. Basically cyber-crime is part of electronic crime and it is a criminal activity that is executed… View Article

Cyber Debate on Evolution

1. DNA data suggests that microevolution as well as macroevolution can be altered at a genetic level, thus pointing out that tail development can be triggered or prevented through the alteration of a single gene (Miller, 1996a). a. According to current research findings, microevolution and macroevolution are both affected by gene expressions; thus, the evidence… View Article

Cyber Predator

Off the top of my head, I would define a predator as somebody or an animal who lurks in the shadows waiting for a chance to pounce on and destroy an innocent life. For animals, the predators are that way because it is a matter of survival. Among human beings, these predators are usually mentally… View Article

Cyber education

Examinations are a means of measuring the students’ learning in school and their capacity for further education. In this regard, the manner of teaching and the students’ learning methods are important. A student, while in primary and secondary schools, greatly relies on the teachers for knowledge, except for a few who do personal researches to… View Article


The internet is no man’s land. The whole world has been melted into a global village as the Internet pervades the homes, offices and even phones. The internet has become closer to our thoughts and feelings every day as chat engines can now express feelings and depict thought patterns. Information about self, plan of work,… View Article