Customer service Essay Topics

Hamburger plus case

Introduc? on Due to a rapid decline in sales and bulk of customer complaints from branch to another, the Hamburger Plus, along with its global operations, is planning to make its operations digitally mastered through a system called Creative. Creative is an ambitious multimillion dollar project which would allow Hamburger Plus management to monitor and… View Article

Impact of Information Technology on Customer and Supplier Relationships in the Financial Services

Information technology plays an important role to support the relationships between customers and suppliers in financial industry. Different industry faces different competitive and different business practice. Besides, we can use information technology to determine the opportunities and threats to the relationships between customers and suppliers. In this research, it focus on the financial service industry… View Article

Customer Service

1. The key concepts and topics in this course that have made me a stronger candidate to continue in the business world would be what I have learned from the units dealing with: Diversity, Customer Behavior, Customer Loyalty, and Exceptional Service: I have learned that customer comments, good or bad should always be taken into… View Article

Tip Top Markets

In efforts to reduce customer complaints at Tip Top Market, we must analyze the given data. The following data was collected over a period of eight weeks. A large number of complaints had been made particularly on Tuesdays; therefore we will evaluate the last eight Tuesdays. On July 15th, changes were implemented to help reduce… View Article

Should You Listen to the Customer

1. Delacroix is an avant-garde dance troupe based in New York and its mission is to bring modern dance to as many people as possible. Natalia Georgio is the executive director in Delacroix. She plans to go internationally as well as television and film engagements. To achieve the plans, recently she hires a new marketing… View Article

Hospitality Business Development

Hospitality business development of hospitality industry analyses the aspects of the business growth and evaluate the developing process of the industry. In the eyes of Hassanien et al (2010), “Hospitality business development is a procedure of using external and internal resources of an organization to bring out some new product in the market for the… View Article

Operations Management: Customer Satisfaction at Denver Facility

The rise in customer service complaints at Canbide Corporation’s Denver facility could be attributed to the lack of customer service which is definitely an essential prerequisite for any business looking to make profit. Therefore it will be important for the Denver facility to design ways to retain the existing customers through customer satisfaction as this… View Article

How Consumer Insight Are Shaping Companies in India

Customer is King is an adage that most companies across the globe have embraced. The need to concentrate on customers and be responsive to their demands has long been acknowledged by organizations. However, with globalisation and technological revolution the dynamics of business, the meaning of customer and market knowledge have all undergone a transformation. Today,… View Article


NewEgg. com is the fastest computer software and hardware retailer online store. Newegg. com is a leading e-retailer committed to becoming the most loved and trusted marketplace on the web by offering superior shopping experience, rapid delivery, and stellar customer service. NewEgg. com was founded by Fred Chang in 2001 running operation in California. As… View Article

Case Study: Blue Mountain Resort

The service concept of BMR is trying to cover all aspects of every facility they offer. This means not only improving the service provided in skiing facilities but in the whole ‘four season/village’ concept. Due to the wide range of services BMR provides, they fall short on different areas. Service quality for BMR BMR had… View Article

Radisson Hotels

Radisson Hotels defines their service guarantee very clearly through five strategies that must be focused on. These strategies are a focus on the customer, to provide individualized marketing and services, to develop hotels in key locations, to leverage the Carlson companies, and to strengthen global brand presence (Schroeder, 2006). One of the key ways that… View Article

Amazon Metrics

As a thumb in on-line shopping industry, Amazon surely owned massive competitive advantages. Amazon believes the main competitive factors in its market segments included ‘selection, price, availability, convenience, information, discovery, brand recognition, personalized services, accessibility, customer service, reliability, speed of fulfillment, ease of use, and ability to adapt to changing conditions, as well as our… View Article

Role of Information System in Customer Relationship Management

Customer satisfaction and service are vital components in the survival and progress of any business. it is for this reason that organizations invests heavily in ensuring that customer service reaches a level that will satisfy and woe the customer towards coming for more. Businesses need to maintain customers in a manner that will make them… View Article

Service Delivery

The goals of this paper are to research; diagram service delivery processes, and then describe how the process would be effective in the given situation. A research and define service delivery processes in different disciplines or areas to capture the best processes. A service culture will be defined and a description will be given as… View Article

Parkson Promotion Mix

Public Relation also one of their promotional mix that Parkson applied in their business strategy. Parkson is a company that very concern on charitable contributions to society. Therefore, Parkson conducts a lot of Corporate Social Responsibility Programme such as “My Park” Programme. In this programme, Parkson had adopted many parks throughout Malaysia. This programme’s purpose… View Article