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The resistance of a wire varies with its length

To investigate how the resistance of a wire varies with its length Equipment Needed: o power pack o 5 wires o Voltmeter o Length of wire o Ruler o Ammeter o Crocodile clip Circuit Diagram: Prediction: The equation V=IxR is how you find the resistance rate. I’m now going to re-arrange it to R= V… View Article

The factors affecting the resistance of a metalic conductor

I1 12 As I have found from my experiments, the results I obtained show that the factors I predicted of affecting the resistance of a wire have proved true. Firstly, the factor of length increasing and resulting in an increase of resistance of the wire held true, because, as I varied the lengths of the… View Article

The actual experiment

Substances, which allow an electric current to flow through them, are called conductors because of their structure. Copper is a good conductor and is used for connecting wires. Nichrome has more resistance and is used in heating elements of electric fires. Some conductors are better than others. Copper is a better conductor than iron. When… View Article

Resistance of a wire

We undertook an experiment to find the relationship between resistance and a length of wire. Equipment: Variable resister, Wire 1m long, Digital voltmeter, Digital ammeter, 4 X 1. 5 cell, 1m ruler, Connecting wires. Method We collected our equipment needed and set it out as the circuit diagram below. I started by drawing out my… View Article

Resistance investigation

Resistance is the opposition to current and voltage within a given material. George Ohm discovered the concept of resistance in 1826. He stated that the current flowing through a wire is proportional to the potential difference across it as long as the temperature remains constant. The formula to calculate resistance is Resistance (measured in Ohms)=… View Article

Physics Coursework

This systematic method was followed in the experiment to ensure accuracy and precision. Firstly fill a Pyrex beaker with 250 ml of water after washing the beaker. Construct the circuit as shown in figures 5 and 6 securing the thermistor with crocodile clips. I will use a mild abrasive paper to clean metal oxides from… View Article

The resistance of a wire

The results all proved to be so close together that it proves it’s not worth doing it for every measurement. Results 1 This table shows the results we took, with the length in centimetres running along the side, and the voltage along the top. The corresponding values in the table is the current, measured in… View Article

The resistance of the wire

I will do this buy putting crocodile clips on each end of the wire. I will then take the readings for the current after the wire and the voltage across the length of wire. I will then double check this by using a multimeter and measure the resistance across the piece of wire. I will… View Article

Current concern

Current concern with interdependence is particularly indebted to the earlier attempt of integration theorists to explain political unification among states. Certainly, integration theory has played an important role in the development of liberal international theory in the main, and traces of it echo evidently in neoliberalism and its cognate approaches. As Donald Puchala puts it:… View Article

Current Scenario

The only issue the company has to consider is the identification of the potential market and customers as the industry is already crowded with too many players. There are other factors which influence the expansion plans of the company which however can be mitigated with a careful planning and organizing the resources properly. With a… View Article

Current Trends in the War on Terror

As the world is cowering in terror from the 9/11 attacks and the bombing incidents in Indonesia and other parts of the world, the world’s attention is shifted now to where the attacks may occur next and what can be done to address the situation. Some suggest that the answer lies in being able to… View Article

Current Economic Issues

The current state of the world economy is attributed to economic shake ups dated from 1990s. Such happening shave extended their roots, now firmly clinching on the economy, and thus posing a threatening challenging to the whole world. Such events include the global and United States recession in 1991, Japanese economic stagnations four times since… View Article

Critiquing Current Educational Issues

Matters of education, like any other sociological issues, can cause a lot of controversy if they are handled in a manner that does not represent or take into account the views of all the stakeholders (ABC, 2010). This has been the case with the My school website in this country. Long before the My school… View Article

Current coal burning policy in U.S.A

Coal is the largest power producer in America. Recently, the International Energy Agency said that until the year 2030, it will remain to be the world’s largest source of power. However, we have to face the consequences of using coal, because of all fuels; it produces the most carbon dioxide, the number one cause of… View Article

Current Issues in Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education refers to the type of education for children in the early ages, those considered still vulnerable in life. It’s normally considered from the inception of human life to age eight. Other synonyms can be used like early childhood learning, early care and early education but they all mean the same thing as… View Article