Currency Essay Topics

Economic Implcations for the Australian Economy

Discuss the economic implications for the Australian economy of Australia’s continuing current account deficits Australia has a long history of large and persistent current account deficits. During the 1960s the current account deficit averaged the equivalent of 2 per cent of gross domestic product. The CAD rose considerably, due to the floating of the Australian… View Article

Role Of Derivatives In Emerging Market

Abstract The thesis indicates the importance of derivatives in financial markets of emerging economies. It signifies the fact that to attract foreign investment and for one’s economic conditions to prosper it is necessary to change with time, the secret of the recent boom in Indian economy is market liberalization and deregulation. The introduction of financial… View Article

Transition to Euro Currency for New EU Members

Introduction The euro is the single, common currency for the eleven member nations of EMU, a subset of the fifteen member-nation European Union (EU). To qualify for EMU membership, each EU country had to meet a strict set of financial criteria. The idea for a common currency between European nations had been discussed in economic… View Article

The Benefits of a Common Currency

These are difficult times for writing about a common currency, especially when you usually and particularly refer to a common currency in the European Union. The European monetary system, which was supposed to provide a stepping stone to the final stage of Economic and Monetary Union, shortly thereafter has broken down. By saying “broken down”… View Article

Checkout and Settlement

Check out and settlement are part of the final stages of the guest cycle. It is the final phase of the guest cycle and examines the various activities involved in checkout and settlement. Check out involves the front desk as also other departments such as housekeeping, bell desk, cashier’s desk, Point of sales etc. Main… View Article

Assigment Outline Gold Price Fluctuation in Vietnam 2012

1. INTRODUCTION Gold appeared a long time ago and became a precious metal. It’s a very precious metal with various values and plays an important role in the world’s economy today because it is used in many fields of life such as material for making jewelry, decorator, … Besides, gold has been considered as a… View Article


1. What is the Foreign Exchange Risk faced by the Lufthansa ? Ruhnau expected if the U.S. dollar continued to appreciate, it would reach 3.3DM/USD and at the same time he also personally believed that the DM/USD exchange rate would fall from 3.17DM/USD to between 2.45 and 2.40 DM/USD by January 1986. Unfortunately, he was… View Article

Critically Analyse How the Government Debt Problems

Introduction Since the Greece’s debt crisis happened, the Euro zone has to confront with a huge sovereign debt crisis, like governments’ debt increased, bond yield spreads widened, Euro exchange rate fell as well, which caused that the whole international financial markets gradually lost the confidence. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the impact… View Article

Internationalization of RMB: The Impacts on China and Its Trading Partner

After the thirty years of great economic reforms, imposed in 1978, China has been showing an incredible results and performance. Due to the suitable economic conditions such as cheap labor force and low domestic currency’s (RMB) exchange rate, China has become the largest manufacturer of goods and receiver of foreign direct investments, the majority of… View Article

International Trade and Finance Speech

The purpose of this paper is to organize a speech that will be provided to a number of reporters that are not knowledgeable with economics. In this paper I will put importance on international trade and foreign exchange rates and how those affect the GDP, domestic markets, and students. I will also outline some of… View Article

Pros and Cons on Money

This is a very sad image that has been painted of the human race. Not all people are money grabbing bankers. in fact the majority of people are good-hearted, who are prepared to give away increasingly small small amounts of spare cash to help charities. They are willing to help. You can’t blame corporations and… View Article

Currency Depreciation

The devaluation and deprecation of currency go more or less hand in hand. Currency depreciation is an economic result, whereas devaluing a currency is an act that results in currency depreciation. Many a times they are technically used interchangeably. Depreciation of Currency * When a currency depreciates, this means that the currency has decreased in… View Article

Aifs Case Havard Business School

1. What gives rise to the currency exposure at AIFS? 2. What would happen if Archer-Lock and Tabaczynski did not hedge at all? 3. What would happen with a 100% hedge with forwards? A 100% hedge with options? Use the forecast final sales volume of 25,000 and analyze the possible outcomes relative to the ‘zero… View Article

Case Problem: Blades, Inc.

1. One point of concern for you is that there is a tradeoff between the higher interest rates in Thailand and the delayed conversion of baht into dollars. Explain what this means. ANSWER: If the net baht-denominated cash flows are converted into dollars today, Blades is not subject to any future depreciation of the baht… View Article

Strong Peso Hurts Food Exports

Philippines economy nowadays portraits a good start for, as we are lifting our country from the previous economic situation. Not including the whole world economy, we are experiencing a smaller amount of problems in our economy than the recent. The rate of exchange between our Pesos against the Dollar is going stronger from now and… View Article