Curley Essay Topics

Consider the importance of Curley’s Wife

  She seems to believe that the man sent her a letter, and that her mother ripped it up, so she left home and, out of spite, married Curley. Even thought she never received the letter, she still clings on to the tiny bit of hope that one day she will be in the movies…. View Article

Of Mice and Men

Dreams are very important in the novel. Having dreams allows you to look forwards in life, rather than backwards. Dreams allow you to have an idea for the future. This can be seen the novella through the dream of George and Lennie who dream of owning their own land, without constantly having to work for… View Article

The Outsider (Of Mice and Men)

However, we then find out that she has a dream of her own, revealing the ambitious side of her. She indulges in a different fantasy, far less likely of fulfillment. As many young women do, she aspires to stardom in films. She claims to have met an actor when she was 15, and was being… View Article

Of Mice and Men

Friendship is significant as despite being rare in the America that the novel describes, friendship is able to exist between George and Lennie, despite under the crushing forced authority exerted by Curley who attempts to intimidate them and mock them. The forced authority also demonstrates that the trust in American society has been broken, similarly… View Article

Candy’s Dog being shot dead

I believe that Candy’s dog being shot dead is one of the most important parts of the novel and should definitely be included in a film version. In this scene Carlson starts moaning about how much Candy’s old dog smells. He then suggests that Candy should shoot him and even offers to do it himself…. View Article