Culture Essay Topics

Thai Food as a Cultural Product

The use of food as cultural products by tourism industry today affects the culinary heritages in negative senses Do you agree with this statement? Please explain and give example. Cultural products as a part of tourism industry have become an influential strategy in modern international trade. Food is one of the distinctive goods, which have… View Article

The Processes Of Social And Family Relations

Culture refers to a set of attitudes, values, systems and traditions that are shared by some common people in the society. It is what defines a set of people and distinguishes them from another. There is a correlation between culture and behavior. The social upbringing of a child in a family set up would influence… View Article

Thai Food as a Cultural Product

Cultural products as a part of tourism industry have become an influential strategy in modern international trade. Food is one of the distinctive goods, which have popularly been brought to represent the country and the culture of its residents. However, surprisingly, the use of food as a cultural product by tourism industry today no longer… View Article

Culture and Communication

The above figures show how different populations are spread in different countries all over the world. It implies that whenever we visit one country, we have to talk in a language that we shall be able to break communication barrier with our hosts. However, it has not been easy to break the cultural barrier between… View Article

The William Leo Hansberry Notebook

                   William Leo Hansberry (1894-1965) is generally regarded as the father of African studies.  He completed both his B.A and M.A degrees from Harward University.  Most of his search and study on Africa coincided with the post slavery period. At Old Atlanta, Hansberry had the opportunity to read W.E.B Du Bois’s book The Negro that… View Article

The Wedding Banquet, 1993 Dir. Ang Lee

Winston Chao and Mitchell Lichtenstein portray Wai-tung and Simon respectively, a Manhattan gay couple whose blissful relationship start to get upside down when Wai-tung Taiwanese parents fly in ( The Wedding Banquet 2004).  Wai-tung’s parents, unaware of their sons’ sexuality, are pressuring him to settle down and give them a grandchild. To please his parents,… View Article

Paris Is Burning Case Study

1.I would argue that the group of poor gay minorities, like the people in the ball, is a subculture in itself. This group is a subculture of the gay culture. The distinguishing aspects of the group are that they are poor, gay, and minorities. Another distinguishing aspect is that members of this subculture are typically… View Article

A Cultural Event

The Spoleto Festival is held every year in Charleston, SC during late May and early June. This event lasts 17 days long and includes opera, dance, theater, classical music and jazz from different cultures around the world. During my stay in South Carolina, I had the opportunity to attend this event and broaden my cultural… View Article

The Timucua Indians of Northern Florida

The Timucua Indians: All were settled agricultural peoples, as skilled with their hoe as they were with canoes or with bows and arrows. They lived in villages, where they cultivated corn, beans, and other crops. Noted warriors, they fiercely resisted early attempts to bring them under submission, but co existed peacefully with the Spaniards for… View Article

What Determines Culture

Culture is the way of thinking and doing things that are passed on from one generation to another such as language, norms and values of society. It is the total pattern of human behavior which creates human beings and human societies. Culture is cumulative, by slow accumulation over many generations; culture is the product of… View Article

Peoples behavior

Whenever I encounter any person from another culture, I am often struck by how much that person represents and is different from the idea I have of that culture. Particularly if the idea I have of that culture’s person is seen from his perspective. A recent conversation with a student of Japanese ancestry highlighted to… View Article

Hunting by Kristina Kilbourne

The culture being explored in the essay “Hunting” by Kristina Kilbourne is one regarding hunting and changes in its overall perception by the public throughout the past two centuries. The narrative also explores the benefits and costs to society of promoting the hunting culture in modern-day America. No explicit and concise definition of hunting and… View Article

Tortilla Curtain

On any list of issues of concern to the Hispanic community, immigration must rank at the top. Not only does it affect the largest number of interest groups, but it is also by far the hardest problem to solve. The U.S.—Mexican border may well be the world’s most porous. The legal two-way flow of people… View Article

Our Visual Culture in Arts and Crafts

Ours is a culture of spectacle, which is to say that we thrive on visual entertainment of all sorts (Mulvey, 2002). We love films, television, drama, ads, in addition to the art of the land expressed in art galleries throughout the world. We thrive on these visual entertainers, and so there is a huge industry… View Article