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International Business

When companies source, manufacture, and/or market products in foreign countries, they encounter fascinating and often challenging cultural environments. Chapter Two examines the dynamics of culture and its effect upon international business operations and strategy. While exploring the causes of cultural differences, rigidities, and changes, it focuses upon the impact of cultural traditions on business activities,…

Cultural studies of Organization communication

According to Saran and Kalliny (2009), there are many theories which explain the organizational behavior relative to changes in the structures. Saran and Kalliny (2009, para. 4) continue to explain that there are many “variables potentially affecting the implementation process including corporate culture issues, such as formalization, decentralization, functional differentiation, leadership, job satisfaction and job…

The value of cross-cultural studies

A cross-cultural study examines human behavior by comparing members of at least two different societies. Comparing two groups that differ only in terms of culture allows researchers the opportunity to determine whether certain traits, behaviors, and practices are culturally bound. In addition to differentiating contextual factors, like socioeconomic status and education, from cultural factors, cross-cultural…



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Cross Cultural Studies

Beauty, is anything that appeals, and is incorporated in current fads and trends of the area. Its features drastically vary across the globe where antagonizing manners are adopted. Obesity is such an example, where in the west, obesity is shunned, and admonished, and on the contrary, in the African countries, obesity lures and is considered…

Arranged marriage

? “Literature is the mirror of life” is one of the main quotes which our lecturer, Mr. Puveneswaran keep on telling to us in his every lesson. This quote answered my question which I asked myself since the first lesson of Literature in English. A great literature is the mirror upon which the realities of…

Literature, Translation

Indian Literature and Literary Theory The present section is an attempt to define a category: Indian Literature, so that one can conjure up a vision of Indian literature which has become more and more relevant during 21th century. 1. 1 An idea of Indian literature: Indian constitution gives us values : liberty, equality and fraternity….

What are Types of Stylistics?

Stylistics is the study and interpretation of texts from a linguistic perspective. As a discipline it links literary criticism and linguistics, but has no autonomous domain of its own. Types of Stylistics: 1. Computational Stylistics: Study of patterns formed in particular texts, authors, genres, periods via computational methods. Through the use of computers, it should…

Translation Studies

No doubt a third General Editor’s Preface to New Accents seems hard to justify. What is there left to say? Twenty-five years ago, the series began with a very clear purpose. Its major concern was the newly perplexed world of academic literary studies, where hectic monsters called ‘Theory’, ‘Linguistics’ and ‘Politics’ ranged. In particular, it…

Cross Cultural Studies in Gender

Most research into gender roles has occurred in Western societies, and generally shows a clear divide in gender roles, most encouraging masculine behaviour in boys, and feminine behaviour in girls. However, in order to further explore the idea of nature vs. nurture (biological vs. social approach); it is important to research gender roles in a…

Signifance of Heritage Sites in Mersing, Malaysia

Significance of Heritage Sites in Mersing and Conservation Methods Kameelia Noor Haja Mohideen (AB100008) Department of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Built Environment, University Technology Malaysia. Abstract Heritage conservation aligns with the context of protecting and supervising the naturalness and cultural attributions of a particular place. District of Mersing is very much defined for its coastal…

A Brief Scrutiny of Technoculture: Glance to Cultural Studies

“A fish only discovers its need for water when it is no longer in it. Our own culture is like water for the fish. It sustains us. We live and breathe through it.” Stephanie Quappe and Giovanna Cantatore I am astounded. I unraveled the interview “What can cultural study do?” By Steven Connor and chronicled…

English-Cultural Studies- Generation X

Throughout the years, rock and roll stars have greatly emerged in the consciousness of every American youth. In a world that appears to be uncontrollably spinning, the pied pipers of rock have acted as jesters, pillows, and poets for every incoming generation. The forerunners like Sex Pistols, the Who, the Doors, the Stones, the Beatles,…

Outline and Evaluate Cross-Cultural Studies of Gender Role

There have been various studies that have observed elements of gender roles in other countries, one such study was conducted by Williams and Best, the study explored gender stereotypes in 30 different nations involving 2800 university students as participants. They were given a 300 item adjective checklist and asked to decide whether an item was…

Topics In Cultural Studies

Trade relationship between Latin America and United States of America was believed to have improved in 1980’s. However, the progress that should have been reaped after the post cold war has not been applied. Though there are possibilities that the two countries will have a more productive engagement in trade, there was still a tension…

Post-graduate studies

There are several weak points in the introductory paragraph. First, the opening sentence refering to humankind’s god-given ability to make choices is too general as a discussion point for decision-making in college. Second, the writer fails to establish coherence in his introduction. For instance, the ideas jump drastically from the “God-given ability to make choices”…

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