Cuban Essay Topics

Cuban revolution

The dual personality of doctors has been observed since ancient times. Thousands of years ago, the mythological Dr. Imhotep of Egypt had a personality similar to Robert Louis Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde—two personalities in one person. Even more recently, this has been noticed in terrorists and extremists. In 2007, for instance, 45 Muslim… View Article

The Women of Dreaming in Cuban

Four characters spanning three generations dominate the storyline of Dreaming in Cuban (Garcia, 1992), four women of the same blood who could not possibly contrast more. Centered on the rise to power of Fidel Castro and the ways in which the members of the family del Pino embraced or rejected la revolucion, Dreaming in Cuban… View Article

Dreaming in Cuban

“All summer she has lived in her memories . . .. Her past, she fears, is eclipsing her present”. In Celia’s life, it always has. Celia is caught in the folds of time. Her central memory is that of Gustavo Sierra de Armas, the married Spaniard with whom Celia, when she was a very young… View Article

Cuban Revolution

My name is Juan Luis Sanchez and had lived well in my country Cuba before this new regime by a tyrant they call Fidel Castro. Although Fulgencio Batista was harsh and corrupt, my life was not very bad. Now it seems that things have changed quite a bit here in Havana. We have become what… View Article

Cuban Rumba

The Cuban culture is a mixture of Spanish and African traditions. Spanish guitars, melodies and music formulas brought by Spanish colonizers are accompanied by rhythms and percussion instruments that are used in Africa. The latter was contributed by Africans who were brought to Cuba as slaves. This excellent combination gives the Cuban music unique forms… View Article

Cuban Missile Crisis

The 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis has gone down the history books as one of the defining moments of the Cold War era. This incident is the closest that the world was about to witness a nuclear war as the United States army became highly ready and alert for any attack from the Soviet Union Commanders… View Article

Cuban Missile Crisis

The Cuban Missile Crisis was a problem rooted in the conflict that was the Cold War. When the Second World War ended, there was the restoration of order throughout the globe. Nonetheless, the end of the war also paved the way for the beginning of yet another conflict. The Cold War was a period of… View Article

American Tabloid

American Tabloid covers a five year period of time leading up to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The novel is over five hundred pages long and contains one hundred chapters. There are five main sections to the book. This book is the first in a three part series called Underworld USA. Although the… View Article

The Cuban Missile Crisis

The Cuban Missile Crisis was also called the Caribbean Crisis by the Russians and October Crisis by the Cubans. This was a military confrontation between the Cuba, Soviet Union and the United States of America during the period of Cold War. This was the period in 1962 when John F. Kennedy was the president of… View Article