Cryptography Essay Topics

Conventional cryptography

Conventional cryptography uses identical secret “key” in both message encrypting and decrypting. Secret key cryptography often times having difficulty securing key management usually in opens systems with large numbers of users (RSA Lab, n. d. ). Diffie and Hellman initiated the concept of public-key cryptosystems in 1976, to work out the problems with key management…. View Article

Introduction to Cryptography

Q1. Which tool or technique from the above list would be most effective for a cryptanalyst to use to decipher a text encrypted with the Caesar cipher, and why? The Caesar cipher is a substitution cipher that substitutes one character for another and shifting the alphabet by a determined number of spaces. This type of… View Article

Network VPN and Web Security Cryptography

Securing Internet commercial transactions and sensitive banking data is increasingly becoming critical as threats to computer networks continue to cause significant financial losses resulting from data damage, loss or corruption by spy ware, viruses and other data corrupting hostile codes (Mogollon, 2007). The consequences of having weak security system administration become enormous and companies should… View Article

Public Infrastructure Key

The PKI is a set of hardware, software, procedures and people for the creation, distribution, storing and management of digital certificates. It also maintains the networking environment of an organization by providing management service which could enable digital signature capabilities. It also enabled the users of unsecure public network for exchanging and private cryptographic key… View Article

Computer College – Fairview Campus

1.0 Proposed Thesis Title: “Easy Login System for Computers in AMA Fairview using ID Barcode Scanner” 2.0 Area of Investigation: This study focuses on having a good monitoring system for easy login on the computers in the AMA Fairview computer laboratories in terms of students or professors using computers as well as monitoring the time… View Article

Vulnerability of a Cryptosystem

The vulnerability that has been discovered has a primary affect to a cryptosystem and a secondary affect to a cryptosystem. The vulnerability in question is a weakness in the MD5 algorithm that would allow for collisions in output. As a result, attackers can generate cryptographic tokens or other data that illegitimately appear to be authentic…. View Article