Critique Essay Topics

Critique of Klemperer’s ‘Auction Design’

“What Really Matters in Auction Design”, Paul Klemperer, Journal of Economic Perspective – Volume 16, Number 1 – Winter 2002, pp. 169-189 I really like this article because I agree with most of what it says. Auctions, in recent times, have become very popular and I don’t need to interview anyone about this, I just… View Article

Critique of Sartre’s Concept of “Existence Precedes Essence”

Existentialism evolved as an attempt to come up with an authentic response to the existential angst of modern man in search of his identity and place in existence. Perhaps the very first existentialist thinker and philosopher in history, Socrates, put fundamental stress on the enquiry of the question “Who am I? ” On the other… View Article

Article Critique

The author of this article is a Canadian who has raised the alarm on the increasing number poverty stricken people hence springing up of ghettos in big cities. The author rhetorically is asking a question whether there are ghettos in Canadian cities. The author is coming up with many ghetto synonyms but yet they are… View Article

Critique of Alexander Pope by Carole Fabricante

“Defining Self and Others: Pope and Eighteenth Century Gender Ideology” – Carole Fabricante. This is an in depth critique by Carole Fabricante of eighteenth century gender ideologies in which Fabricante uses the poet Alexander Pope’s poetry as an example of changing thoughts towards gender roles. In particular, or as a specific argument, Fabricante warns about… View Article

Planned Giving Article Critique

Bernstein discusses the three elements that motivate planned giving: generosity, tax avoidance, and established relationship. The generosity affect happens when an uncultivated donor bequeaths a large sum from their estate. The primary benefit of these donations is not to the borrower but to their heirs in that estate taxes are significantly reduced by these donations…. View Article

Critique of the Ethical Issue

Every profession is subject to different ethical considerations. In response, professions present code of conduct to their employees to guide their behavior in the organization. Formal ethical training is also held to make the employees aware of different ethical issues. Ethical decision making process enable the workforce to handle every ethical issue and prevents them… View Article

Critique of a research paper

Issues that are to be studied during a research are usually expressed in a statement referred to as a research problem or research question (Lawn et al 2010). The researcher needs to have enough knowledge concerning the field in which he or she wants to contact a research in order for him or her to… View Article

Non-Web Based Critique

Penny Kendall-Reed and Stephen Reed’s “The Complete Doctor’s Stress Solution: Understanding, Treating and Preventing Stress-Related Illnesses” is a book that tackles the daily pressures and stressful conditions. It is a complete guide to stress solution designed to help doctors in dealing with stress. It is a good self-help source of information in treating and preventing… View Article

Critique Of Pure Reason

Immanuel Kant published his book the Critique of Pure reason in 1781; it could be noted that he used old fashioned and theological words in writing this particular book. According to most of the readers, his book was a difficult book because it was full of complicated terminologies however, because of the fact that the… View Article

Critique Of Research Article

The nursing profession comprises of various dimensions. These dimensions however have not been appreciated by the society by understanding the complexity of the nursing profession. The role of nurses has changed over times and is dynamic. To many, nursing profession is solely for physical health provision. This is not exactly the case as nurses are… View Article

Critique of the Cite

Websites have different ways of communicating with people. These information also help the public in understanding what has been unknown to them for the past couple of years. The purpose of these websites is to help the growing public understand the different advancements that have been happening around us. Out of the thousands of websites,… View Article

Critique of Value to People

This essay suffers from only one problem regarding the listed items to be contained in the report. Overall it does convince the reader of the creation by the company of value to the people. The implementation caused problems as well, and these problems were sufficient-ly addressed for the author to conclude “overall there was value”…. View Article

A critique essay on plagiarism

Plagiarism has become an issue of great concern. Gladwell in his article “Something Borrowed” discusses this issue through multiple aspects of a question so as to present a clear understanding of the intellectual property. Gladwell’s narration follows after his work is plagiarized in a Broadway play, “Frozen” written by Lavery. The play had the main… View Article

Critique of Needless Hunger

‘Needless Hunger’ is a must-read book for every citizen of the developed world for the ample reason that it shows how hard and despairing the life in many places on Earth is. Even more mid-boggling is the fact that the horrible situation prevailing in Bangladesh could have been easily avoided by means of better governance… View Article

Written Critique

The above article applies to financial management in terms of attaining the objective of financial management, which is to maximize the wealth of stockholders Brigham and Houston, 2002). The case fact admits the “pay-for-performance schemes offer potential benefits to shareholders in the form of reducing agency cost by better aligning shareholder and managerial interests. ”… View Article