Crisis Essay Topics

A Theory in Crisis

People are naturally selfish, greedy and will always think about themselves especially during difficult times. That is even scientifically proven by Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution – Natural Selection, “Natural selection eliminates inferior species gradually over time. ” It is the only way to survive. And yet there are still a few good men who… View Article

Financial Crisis Recovery

1997-1998 Financial Crisis The weaknesses in Asian financial systems were at the root of the crisis that caused largely by the lack of incentives for effective risk management created by implicit or explicit government guarantees against failure. The weaknesses of the financial sector also were masked by rapid growth and accentuated by large capital inflows,… View Article

Resolving Hostage Crisis

Explain the type of incident – Hostage taking is a very serious problem that puts in danger the lives of the hostages, the lives of the hostage taker, the lives of the police officers responding to the scene as well as the lives of those in the immediate vicinity of the hostage situation, and the… View Article

An Analysis of the Watergate Crisis

The Watergate crisis or scandal shrouded America with an attitude of pessimism. From the people involved and the meaning of the controversy then and now, the Watergate crisis rocked the world with political conflicts and power abuse. It also involved crimes such as obstruction of justice, conspiracy, cover up, lying under oath, espionage, burglary, and… View Article

A Perspective on Water Crisis

Global water crisis is one of the biggest problems that the world is facing. Freshwater resources are increasingly becoming scarce today and probably for the next decades. Less than one-half of 1% of all the water on the planet comprises the available fresh and clean water (Maude). Humans already used more than half of the… View Article

Tylenol products Crisis

Part 1 The crisis began in an act of terrorism by someone who clearly had a grudge against Johnson & Johnson. The product left the company factories unharmed. However the packaging of the product was clearly vulnerable to outside tampering because someone was able to open the packages, take out the extra-strength capsules, replace those… View Article

Tylenol Paper

First of all, in terms of crisis management, the company’s response was strong and irresolute, making it clear to the public that their top priority and concern, as well as strategic objective, was the health and safety of the consumer.  As a first measure in this sense, 4.7 million capsules were retrieved from the market,… View Article

The rising tide of US credit crisis

With the advent of modern age heralded by surmounting technological revolution, world has ceased to exist as a scattered identity. The revolution on technological side brought the means to interact, with the main driving force behind such global integration being economics. Today the world has become so much interdependent that a major event on one… View Article

The Global Financial Crisis

To this day, many still debates as to what exactly caused the Global Financial Crisis. Most people believe that it was the US subprime housing market, but we know this was only the trigger not the cause. There is a number of contributing factors that led the world economy to where it is at today… View Article

An economical crisis

An economical crisis is when various forces within an economy loose a large part of their value. Recently a number of American companies declared bankrupt and hence the country is facing an economic crisis. It has adverse effects on businesses as well as individuals of a country as it may raise the prices of goods… View Article

Crisis situation

Crisis situation happens in an unpredicted manner from which the instinctive response necessitates methodical actions to firstly prevent and secondly to recover from the magnitude of impact. But how come a crisis situation can be instantly managed at the spontaneity of incident and nick of time? This reverberating question could be the unspoken words of… View Article

Economic Crisis: Solutions

Global crisis is clearly felt nowadays, not only by third world countries but also by the richer and industrialized countries. Uprisings are recurring in different parts of the world by people who want change and a better life. Even in our country, the crisis is getting heavier each day. But then the real question is… View Article

The financial crisis

The financial crisis witnessed in the year 2007 had been preceded by a lot of strong economic developments across the world. The world experienced economic growths free from any crisis as many emerging and developed economies posted good financial results in all spheres with inflation being a record low. These good times were because of… View Article

Globalization of the U.S. Subprime Mortgage Crisis

The U. S sub prime Mortgage Crisis upset the world financial markets. The economy of the United States of America could combat the mortgage foreclosures for its efficiency. The global investors were wary of the fact that the sub prime mortgage crisis is a symptom of some unknown problems that the US economy is suffering… View Article