Criminology Essay Topics

Comparative policing systems

Introduction Policing is not a recent issue in terms which duty of state as protecting both public and state still remains as a concept to focus on, yet, it is current enough to remember and to consider again. In this comparative study, policing systems of United Kingdom, Turkey and France will be controversially discussed in… View Article

Personality & Attitudes on Revenge in the General Population of Scotland

Fantasies vary from person to person and are dependent on psychological condition. In a clinical population fantasies tend to last longer than in non-clinical populations. Although overall each fantasy has been reported to last relatively short periods of time, the frequency of which they occur is usually the factor that determines whether they are of… View Article

Policing of Industrial Action in Australia

Throughout history, protests in Australian have been controlled in many different ways by respective police forces. History suggests that the police in industrial disputes in Australia are not politically neutral and consistently take the side of the employer and the government. This will be critically accessed and examples will be looked at to support the… View Article

Adult Crime Adult Time

In “Adult Crimes, Adult Time,” published in the Washington Post on March 29, 1998, Linda J. Collier argues about the juvenile laws and her principal argument shows that children should serve the same time as adults when they commit adult crimes. Collier provides some statistics and examples (Jonesboro shooting, Daily City shooting, and her experience… View Article

The Innocence Commission

Introduction:             Criminal justice in most of the judicial bodies should be based on truth and fairness in order to give a rightful conviction. Effectiveness of criminal justice is portrayed by their ability to identify offender after thorough investigations are carried out so that one can be sure that the person being accused of offence… View Article

The O.J. Case

The O.J. Simpson murder trial is one of the famous and talked about murder trials in the history of United States. It owes its fame to both the celebrity status of the accused as well as the nature of the case. This murder trial is regarding the alleged murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald… View Article

The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Uniform Crime Report

Introduction             To address the need of many entities—news media, tourism agencies, and other groups with an interest in crime in the United States for an official Crime Index figures, Uniform Crime Reports had been provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation since July 1930. The FBI acquired this information from the different law enforcement… View Article

The Return of Tyreek Analysis

A number of articles have been written citing the black youth and street crime. Everyday we hear of them through television, newspapers, radio, and the internet. The Return of Tyreek, a book by Carolina Ilogienboh gives us an inside perspective of what the truth behind this scenario is. Tyreek describes the black youth of today… View Article

Criminology Theories-Differential Association and Strain Theory

Abstract             In criminology, theories play an important role especially in understanding the settings, motivations, assets, behaviors and actions of criminals. These theories serve as their guidelines in order to detect and sometimes read the plans of their enemies. Unfortunately, these theories are not one hundred percent accurate, however, learning these aspects are still essential…. View Article

Criminal Justice

The criminal justice system is one of the very major public service in the society. There are many agencies who work together under criminal justice system; some of these are police, the courts, the prison service, the crown prosecution service and the national probation service. The work of these agencies is over looked by three… View Article

Criminal Justice System in Hong Kong

Abstract The fairness of the criminal justice system in Hong Kong is affected by different factors. Social disposition and public outlook of the person in trial is one of the greatest factors. The “personality” of the person in trial and the number of vital government “connections” that he or she has also affects the fairness… View Article

An Overview of the Societal Causes of White-Collar Crime

One of the three sociological theories of the causes of white collar crime as identified in the book Profit Without Honor is the  societal causes. The American culture believes that to be successful you must have money, lots of money. Success is based solely upon materialistic items such as luxurious homes, nice cars, boats, etc…. View Article

The Tooth of Crime: Killing the American Dream

From the start of Sam Shepard’s The Tooth of Crime, the reader is presented with a show. Act one opens with Hoss singing “The Way Things Are” in which he, sardonically, seems to hit the nail on the head when it comes to American culture: “here’s another illusion to add to your confusion.” (Shepard 203)… View Article

Travis Hirschi-Criminological Theory

Introduction Radical positivism has two wings: a mild version which takes the legal code as representative of a consensus and proceeds to create its own statistics in terms of this measure, but independently of the police and the judiciary and a stronger version which derives its statistics from a posited consensus which is held to… View Article