Creon Essay Topics

Antigone before Creon

In the first scene where Sentry appears he is visiting Creon to inform him of the news of the body of Polynice has been buried. From the moment he arrives on stage, Sentry is petrified even from the stage directions this is shown, as it states ‘struggling… he is very frightened’ so to help this… View Article

Creon and Antigone – Victims of Fate

Sophocles put a lot of layers of meaning in his Creon and Antigone. For ancient Greeks these great tragedies were not only an entertainment, but they also possessed a lot of philosophical meaning which made people think about many different problems. When reading Sophocles’ play Antigone we get into a difficult life situation together with… View Article

Creon and Aristotle

This paper will primarily concern itself with the comparison of the two approaches to politics from Creon in Sophocles’ play Antigone and Aristotle in his Politics. The basic argument here is that Creon and Aristotle have very little in common in terms of basic political ideas, especially in terms of the role and power of… View Article

Antigone Mock Trial

For you to find the Defendant guilty of the crime of Contempt, you must be convinced that the prosecution has proved one of the following beyond a reasonable doubt: (1) the Defendant misbehaved in the King’s presence or so near thereto as to obstruct the administration of justice; or (2) the Defendant disobeyed or resisted… View Article

Dramatic Irony in Oedipus the King

All throughout the play, Oedipus the King, Sophocles builds the entire story using dramatic irony. Despite Oedipus’s ignorance about who he is, Sophocles uses dramatic irony to let the readers know who Oedipus truly is and to hint at what all will take place throughout the entire story. Sophocles uses many different scenes throughout the… View Article