Creative writing Essay Topics

English commentary creative writing

I based the beginning of my story on a physical but also mental journey a man goes on while he is on his own hitchhiking home. I felt this was suitable for the topic journeys and pilgrimages which also liked in with the book Chaucer. As it is the beginning of a story the audience… View Article

Bird by Bird

The first thing she says to her student on the first day of school is that to write is to tell the truth, to express yourself and perhaps discover who you are. Being a writer gives you an excuse to go out into the world, explore and figure out what life is all about. Lamott… View Article

Meaning Of a Family

Everyone has their own meaning of a family. However, all families share some common characteristics that are outlined in a family definition essay. As per the dictionary definition of a family, all its members live in a common house and are linked together with each other economically. All family members are also emotionally linked and… View Article

Remains of the Day Written Assignment

It is nearing the end of the evening, I have already turned in for the night, but sleep is non-forthcoming. So, I began to ponder upon the matter of dignity, and find my asking the weary question, once again, “What is dignity?” Upon asking myself this I remember an intriguing conversation between the respectable Mr…. View Article

Time expressions

TO BE am S + is are You are kind. am not S+ isn’t aren’t You aren’t kind. am is + S + ? are Are you kind? TO HAVE GOT has S + have + got She has got a car. hasn’t S+ haven’t + got She hasn’t got a car. Has Have +… View Article

Creative story

What is creative story? In general, creative story is writing which expresses the writer’s thoughts and feelings in an imaginative way. The key elements of a creative story include characters, theme, setting, plot, structure, complication, crisis, and resolution. Characters are tour guides who lead the readers into the fantastic world created by the writer and… View Article

Final Reflection &Portfolio of Final Versions

“My Journey as a Writer” I have accomplished a great deal in the past three months. As the semester ends I find myself reflecting not only on how I have survived the first semester but also what I have learned. Writing is hard work. There is so much more to it than just writing an… View Article

What Are The Literate Arts Good For?

Miller asked a question in his text, The Dark Night of the Soul, which is asked on numerous occasions. ‘What might the Literate Arts be good for?’ Miller gives situations and reasons why we could say the Literate Arts are useless in today’s world. What might the Literate Arts be good for? I ask this… View Article

Writing Discussion

* How do your surrounding affect your reading comprehension? How might you minimize distractions while you are reading for your class assignments? Many things may affect your reading comprehension. Your surroundings and environment play an important role in your ability to comprehend when reading. Anything can be a distraction if it causes you to lose… View Article

How to Write a Case Study

A case study example is a case study that is intended to be used as a model text or a reference guide for writers unfamiliar with how to write case studies. Case study examples may be distributed by professors, educational resource organizations, or professional writing services. The primary audience for a case study example is… View Article

School Papers

You can buy school papers online, but qualified school papers are difficult to come by; that is why we developed a service where you can order custom papers for school. We provide you will all the help to write your school paper at the high standard requirements of your school. Papers that are always 100%… View Article

Communication Styles Worksheet

You spent the past few days exploring the resources available to students at University of Phoenix, and you want to share what you learned with a friend who is interested in enrolling. Write a 150- to 200-word e-mail to your friend summarizing the resources available to students. Hi, I would like to continue with our conversation… View Article

My goal in life

My goal in life is to become a writer. I have always been fond of books. As I am an only child I was very lonely. Both my parents worked, leaving me in the care of servants. When I grew older I was a latchkey kid who let herself into an empty house with a… View Article

Professor X in the Basement of the Ivory Tower

Thesis: X; s central point in this chapter that writing is harder than it looks, because of the college level structure and topics which cause writers to struggle and give up. Audience: X, s audience is students and teachers, which struggle in college. Purpose: X’s purposes outline your paper, choose right title, and give them… View Article

Narrative Writing Assessment

Warm up the prompt by reading something short, such as a picture book, that matches the prompt. • The prompt is to be “loose”, that is the student can write on any subject that comes to mind, tweaking the prompt to fit him/her. • The mode of the piece is narrative. This simply means a… View Article