Creation Essay Topics

A Visual Art Creation

“Adrift” is the title I would like to give to the painting I would make. The painting will feature a sailboat several miles from the seashore and seagulls flying across the sky. To create the painting, I will be needing oil paint, a canvass, paintbrushes with varieties of thickness and sizes, a canvass stand and… View Article

Creation Story

Long ago, before the earth and all things in it, there was God Spongebob…. Spongebob said on the first day, “Let there be a ball of fire. To light us during daylight and burn those who sin against the law”. But then Barbie contested and suggested to change it into a disco ball so that… View Article

Creation, Evolution and Intervention

I think religion and science have always been in conflict. Since the theory of Creationism has always been tied to religious accounts, it is only natural that this comes in conflict with the theory of Evolution. As it is, the theory of Creationism is based on legends and ancestral stories, whereas the theory of Evolution… View Article

Creation of the CIA

Despite the popular perceptions generated by Tom Clancy novels and James Bond movies, American intelligence gathering was not a Cold War invention: it has existed since the Republic’s founding. George Washington organized his own intelligence unit during the Revolutionary War, sending spies behind enemy lines and overseeing counterespionage operations. In 1790, just three years after… View Article

Creation – Scientific View Vs. Biblical View

The advancement of science has raised questions over the biblical view of creation. A lot of scientists are now questioning the authenticity of the long-held beliefs about creation. According to Mark 10:6, ‘Jesus said: But from the beginning of the creation, God made them male and female”. ’ Also, John 1:1-3 says, “In the beginning… View Article

Kelley Goff Creation Myth March 1st 2006

It was long-long ago, at the beginning of civilization, when people still had to read newspapers for to get the news, listen the music through the cassette recorders, and their computers were big, clumsy, and unattractive. For thousands of years already the world had been facing the danger of being buried under the piles of… View Article

Stories of Creation in Babylonian and Chinese Myth

Different religions have their own stories of creation. One of the major reasons for religion is the establishment of how the world and humans were created. With the advancement of science, most of these stories are now regarded as myths and legends. This essay will examine two creation myths from the ancient world: the Assyrian-Babylonian… View Article

Creation Perspective

The account of creation as described in the Bible in Genesis 1-3 is totally different to what evolutionary theories of origin have been propagating – which themselves (i. e. non-biblical theories) have been successfully made a part of the populace’s theoretical presupposition in terms of man’s or the universe’s origin. Today, rarely, if there’s any,… View Article