Court Essay Topics

Battered Women as Court Defense

One of the theoretical frameworks present, which is explains the rationale for battered women killings as a supplement to a self-defense court appeal is the condition of battered woman syndrome (Ogle and Jacobs, 2002 p. 51). Battered women who kill are often limited to pleading incapacity or provocation because the circumstances of the homicide do… View Article

European Court of Justice – Free Movement of Persons

From early on it became clear to close observers of the EU that the role and rule of law were going to be critical in anchoring EU policy regimes. If the legal system could ensure a high rate of compliance, a way of giving authoritative interpretation to disputed texts, and a means of redress for… View Article

Constitutional Amendments

The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America provides limitations on the powers of the U.S. Congress from creating laws that might infringe on the rights of the people, from the right to freely exercise any religion that the people want to the right to peaceful assembly. The First Amendment has… View Article

The Juvenile Court System

The Juvenile Court is the fulcrum around which rolls the judicial machinery for the treatment of juvenile offenders.  The court may counsel and dismiss a youthful offender or allow a discharge upon the offender submitting a bond to be of good behavior.  The court may also order the commission of the juvenile offender to the… View Article

The International Criminal Court System

In the year 1998 in Rome, around 120 member countries of United Nations discussed and adopted a treaty to introduce a permanent international Criminal court.  The treaty became effective on 1st July 2002, only sixty days after sixty states united through accession.   The tribunal prosecutes individuals for crimes against humanity, genocide, crime of aggression and… View Article

Role of the International Court and Tribunals in Relation to Armed Conflict

Introduction             The volatility and persistence of armed conflicts around the world has caused the convention amongst states which aims to lessen the harm that it brought forth.  The research then aimed to identify the international laws and conventions that were created in order to lessen the evils of armed conflicts.  In addition, the research… View Article

The Case of Powell versus Alabama

The United States Supreme Court decision in 1932 for Powell et al. versus the State of Alabama determined that the defendant must be given access to counsel upon his or her own request in a trial with a capital offense. The decision reversed the Alabama Supreme Court ruling that the previous trial against the nine… View Article

Summary Judgment And Virginia Beach

First Article: Summary Judgment             The summary judgment option is taken by the court of law if there are no material facts for the court to try. If there is indeed no essentially substantial factual issues or matters involved, then there is no need to proceed with a lengthy, protracted trial when the judge can… View Article

Thompson v. Oklahoma

Historical Time Period: Historical Events occurring during period of case.       The following historical events transpired during this period: The Canada–United States Free Trade Agreement (CUSFTA) was finalized. It was signed in 1988 and came into effect on January 1, 1989. Hurricane Gilbert is the strongest recorded hurricane in the Western Hemisphere (Spiritus Temporis web… View Article

Human Rights and Guantanamo

In 2004, the Supreme Court ruled that Guantanamo Bay detainees, most of whom have been held in the camp for years, may challenge their detention at the camp in American federal courts. (Medrano, 2006) While this is good news, at the onset this revealed a major flaw in the years-long operation of Camp Delta, the… View Article

Tribunal Case

After a conflict has occurred, actions that exceeded the normal parameters of behavior during war have to be dealt with for the society to begin the peace building process and reconciliation.  Tribunals, both international and domestic offer victims an opportunity to confront those people who contributed to the horrors they may have experienced.  (Mcmorran, 2003) … View Article

European Court of Justice

The European Union (EU) is a celebrated alliance of Nations that runs from the United Kingdom and Portugal in the West to Turkey in the East. The EU has made travel and trade much easier between its member states. With few exceptions this Union now shares a common currency known as the Euro. After close… View Article

The European Court of Human Rights

The European Court of Human Rights was established following the implementation of the European Convention For the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms at Strasbourg in 1950 by the members of the Council of Europe. As a result all claims arising out of breaches and potential breaches of the European Convention on Human Rights… View Article

United States v Nixo

A grand jury returned indictments against seven of President Nixon’s White House staff members and political supporters of the President for violation of federal statutes in the Watergate affair,. The President on the other hand was named as an un-indicted co-conspirator. The Special Prosecutor Leon Jaworski filed a motion under Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure… View Article

Political Science Writing Assignment

The article and the cases cited therein deal with a very important legal concept and the issues surrounding it. Central to the argument in the article is the meaning, scope and limitation of one of the most important and commonly-invoked provision of the Bill of Rights—the Fourth Amendment.  The Fourth Amendment guarantees each person’s right… View Article