Coursework Essay Topics

Personal creative coursework

School has just finished and it is a dark and murky winter day, people were walking down the school hill having just had a chaotic day, as a result everyone was jus quiet. You could hear the sounds of the squirrels scuttling along the grass. Richard ran down the hill calling my name, he came… View Article

Hobson’s Choice Coursework

Hobson’s Choice Coursework- How does Will, with Maggie’s help, develop into the most confident character in the play? Hobson’s Choice, a play by Harold Brighouse is set in the 1800s, in the Victorian era. The main characters, the Hobsons, portray the typical Victorian family, where the male is the head figure of the family home. The head… View Article

Hard times Coursework

The comparison between employer and employee is stressed every time Bounderby meets Stephen Blackpool and the comparison can be clearly seen, as when Bounderby and Blackpool are at the table, Bounderby’s half is full of silver china and saucers, while Blackpool’s is empty, this shows the power balance between the two-i. e. all the power… View Article

GCSE English Coursework

My room was dark, you could barely see the hands reaching out to grab you in your dreams, all you heard were the screams echoing down the hallway, the fury behind them, and the angered blood lust churning to be free from its mortal outer-shell. Then it all changed, he came for you after that,… View Article

Humanities Prejudice And Persecution Coursework

Why did the Nazis hate the Jews? Did Nazi Propaganda make the German people prejudiced against the Jewish race? How successful were the policies of the Nazi government in establishing an anti- Semitic society? In this coursework I will be explaining why the Nazi’s hated the Jews. I will explain what propaganda is and if… View Article

19th Century Short Stories Coursework

In the short stories the Signal man and Red room, fear and suspense are built in a variety of ways. Some ways the authors achieve fear and suspense are through the environment, character description and linguistic devices. In Red Room, one of the methods used to create fear and suspense is the description of the… View Article

The Crucible Coursework

How does Miller use the development of characters and their interaction with others to build tension in the second half of Act 3, culminating in Proctor denouncing God? Arthur Asher Miller, October 17, 1915 – February 10, 2005; An American playwright and essayist who became a renowned figure and came to the forefront of American literature… View Article

Isabel Calway Great Expectations Coursework

In this essay I am going to write about how Dickens presents Estella and Magwitch, two key characters in the story, and the purpose of them. Pip firsts meets Magwitch in a graveyard on Christmas Eve. He has a leg iron, this shows that the story was written when leg irons were still used, in the… View Article

Great expectations coursework

My essay is going to be about the 1876 edition novel ‘Great Expectations. ‘ The author of this novel is Charles Dickens. When the novel opens we meet Pip as a rather young child. Pip is the narrator as well as the main character. This is known as the first person. Pip as an adult… View Article

A View From The Bridge Coursework

A View From The Bridge is partly about the family life of one Eddie Carbone and partly about a man’s story of self-destruction as a social being. After raising his niece like his own daughter his life takes a turn when he accommodates two immigrants in his home. Up until now he has lived as… View Article

Good conductors of electricity

EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURES In order to record my observations, I will use the following types of observation tables, and I will display the manner in which my wire will be setup, in order that I will be able to experiment with them. 1. LENGTH For length, we have to make sure that only the length is… View Article

A View From A Bridge Coursework

Explore the dramatic use of Alfieri in ‘A view from the Bridge’. What is his dramatic significance in the play? Arthur Miller was an American playwright, essayist and author. He was born in New York City on October 17th 1915. He lived with his mother and father, who were Jewish, in New York City. His… View Article

The reaction between zinc and copper sulphate

I am going to investigate the reaction between Zinc and Copper Sulphate. Method The reaction will be exothermic; so that means heat will be given out. I will have to see the temperature difference between each amount of Zinc and store the results onto a graph. The equation for this reaction is: Zinc + Copper… View Article

Rates of Reaction

I have analysed my data and presented them in graphical form. The first graph shows the averages between the three experiments. The second compares the times taken to reach 100 cm cubed of carbon dioxide for the application of all concentrations based on average results. Graph 1 shows that the gradients were much steeper with… View Article

PE GCSE Coursework

Muscular Endurance: One definitely needs to have a high level of muscular endurance because of the constant running and down the court and the changing of directions putting a lot of strain onto your muscles, especially muscles located in your upper leg i. e. the Quadriceps Group and Hamstrings. Because of this I will be… View Article