Counseling Essay Topics

The Theology of Pastoral Counseling

The present paper dwells on the theology of being a pastoral helping presence. It articulates the theological stance in pastoral counseling that can also be defined as spiritual/soul counseling in the contemporary setting. The point of view chosen is the one of the person who is a helping professional. The paper traces the patterns in… View Article

The Influence Values in a Counselling Relationship

Throughout one’s life, the events and situations encountered will play an important role on the development of personal values. In turn, these developed values will influence people’s decisions on how they will go about in their day-to-day living. The acknowledgement of personal values, their commonalities and differences will be a convenient tool for counselling sessions. … View Article

The Nexus Between Social Psychology and Psychoanalytic Family Therapy

This paper addresses the connection between self and collectivism concepts of social psychology and psychoanalytic family therapy. It is revealed in the discussion in the paper that the link between the two psychology elements is very strong and thus the need for family therapy to solve some of the problems accruing from self and collectivism. … View Article

Theories of Counseling

Counseling                         Counseling comes from the word counseil (Middle English), conseil (Old French), consilium (Latin); it means to take counsel or to consult. There are so many definitions that you can apply with the word counseling as there are people who practice this to describe it more comprehensively. Frank Parsons was the one who originated… View Article

Treatment Of Psychological Disorders

Psychotherapy is a process with which the patient and the therapist work together to help the patient deal with his/her psychological difficulties in a more positive way which in turn would lessen the difficulty of psychological problem (Morris & Maisto, 2003). Not all people with psychological problems seek psychotherapy but those who do out of… View Article

T-tests For Independent And Related Samples

Research Problem             With the increased violence that occurs in our society, it is a reality that most children on social welfare or those who have been placed in foster care have had negative experiences. Some children need to be counseled and psychologically helped in order to regain their sense of self and to help… View Article

Value-Neutrality Paper Associated with Counseling

When working in the counseling field, one must remain neutral about issues that a client is suffering from. A counselor should not criticize a client for what he or she may believe in and should make ethical decisions when dealing with his or her clients. Within this paper, one will locate personal beliefs on ethical… View Article

My Thoughts on Counseling

My thoughts on counseling among other ideas are what you will discover as you delve into the various subjects throughout this paper. How I define counseling and the most essential characteristics of a helping relationship will be discussed in order to bring better understanding of the basics in the therapeutic process. The next step will… View Article

Effictive Biblical Counseling

Crabb discusses biblical counseling in four parts in his book. The first part of his book he discusses what the counselor is trying to achieve (the goal) and the comparison of Christianity and Psychology. Crabb informs the reader that the goal of biblical counseling is to encourage Christian maturity by guiding people towards a much… View Article

Couples counseling

Woman is a greatest creature of the god. Woman plays an important role in every man’s life. There is a woman behind the every successful man. Men and women are made for each other. Actually they are life partner of each other, but the chance of the death of a partner is more for women… View Article

Automated Services

Guidance and Counseling System is the most critical discipline office in many institutions such as the education sectors. Schools, Colleges, and Universities are depending on the Guidance Office to guide students to secure their welfare mentally and academically. Students that are carefully guided by the office until they graduated are most likely to be successful… View Article

Individual Counseling

Counseling is one of the psychology specialty which is based on the interpersonal functioning that is based on the emotional, social, educational, organizational, health related and developmental concerns of an individual. Counseling can also be defined as given advice or information exchanged or guidance that is provided to the individuals regarding their behaviors or fears… View Article

My Personal Theory of Counseling

The important ingredients in counseling are: understanding of theory, process and skill. There are many theories of personality. Moreover, we will notice that within each theory, there are other theorists who slightly differ in their views from those of the exponent of the theory. More often, counseling is based on how the proponent of the… View Article

Counseling Philosophy

“…Counseling children is like working with an array of different gems and stones. Some are perfect as they are. Others need a little polish to shine, and still others need to be examined for preparation before they are shaped to be the most beautiful and functional…Each is different, each is beautiful in its own right… View Article

The Humanistic Nature in Counseling

feminism beliefs as stated by Enns and Hackett (1993). Both liberal and radical feminist approaches entail the social and political realms of the society as environmental influencing problems of an individual. Nonsexist- humanistic approach adopts more of an individual-based process in counseling. As liberal and radical feminist approaches in counseling are deemed more credible and… View Article