Council Essay Topics

Council for Exceptional Children

The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) is an organization that aims to provide for desirable educational results for people who are categorized as exceptional, gifted, and with disabilities here and abroad. Since these specific areas require specialized educational and professional programs, the purpose of the organization is pushing for the implementation of certain policies and… View Article

Second Vatican and the Roman Council

What changes did the Second Vatican Council made to the Roman Catholic? The Second Vatican Council that is also referred to as the Vatican II took place in 1962-1965. It is also called the 21st Roman Catholic’s ecumenical. The council was initiated by John XXIII the pope of the Roman Catholic Church and continued up… View Article

UN Secretary Council

If the UN Security Council decides a situation constitutes a threat to international peace and security, are there any limits on what it can do to address that threat? In your response, please refer to relevant provisions of the UN Charter. United Security Council constitutes of a group of representatives from United States organization member… View Article

Student Council

Things were easier when I was younger. I felt more confident, like I could achieve everything that I want. When I was in high school, I wasn’t part of the ‘in-crowd’ but I know well enough that people knew me. I scored well in most of my exams; I was part of the Student Council,… View Article

The Forgotten Genius of Norman Z. McLeod

“He was a very nice guy and a fairly good director,” said Groucho Marx of comedy director Norman Z. McLeod, “but no genius. ” Norman Zenos McLeod helmed three of the most popular comedy films of all time and yet his name is practically forgotten nowadays. He is not as famous today as, say, Howard… View Article

National Crime Prevention Council

Cyberbullying and cybersuicide were the the topics on the news documentary “CNN’s Headline Prime” on Tuesday March 27th, 2007 at 8:00-9:00 p. m. The show reported on information and examples of Internet bullying in general, along with cases of cyber-suicide. One of the stories reported on concerned a teen boy texting on the Internet that… View Article

The Illustrated History

the name of Christendom and sanctioned by the Roman Catholic Church against pagans, heretics and Muslims. The campaigns were accordingly religious in nature with the aim of recapturing Jerusalem and the Holy Land from the Muslims. Madden though has given us an alternative examination on another possible and logical reason for the occurrence which is… View Article

Think global act local

Our society is experiencing nowadays a budgetary crisis that prompts it for early solutions. This awful situation is affecting many countries which are trying to withdraw to early times. Nevertheless, things don´t seem to keep very well. Might it be because of thinking globally and therefore oppressing locally? I will try to give my opinion… View Article

Maritime Law Final Exam

1.For the past two decades, a number of issues have surfaced on the international scene regarding successive ruthless dictatorships which have been committing egregious and widespread violations of international human rights and humanitarian law in over 60 states. In light of the United Nations Charter and the aims of that international body, it has been… View Article